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From my understanding 'form' has something to do with arrows right? So poor form means that player could well have blue or purple arrows a lot. Correct me if I'm wrong.

With that in mind, is there any way to improve a players form in the master league?


On a side not - I'm utterly sick of so many of my players ending up with purple down arrows for some completely random reason. It doesn't seem to matter what their form is. Is there any way to combat this annoying mess? Agger and Couhtino are on down purple arrows at least 40% of the time. Whats the point in having them?

EDIT: A lot of views and no answers. Come on, somebody must know.
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It is happening again
I think the form rating does affect it somewhat. ie you're more likely to get a red arrow if your form stat is good, however there is still some randomness to it.


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Conclusion - It's a random mess that we can't do a damn thing about?


MANAGER: You've had quite a time of it this season son, a hat-trick in the european semi-final and another in the mid-week game there. The media have been singing your praises all week, you're top of the goals scored and assists chart in the league and in Europe, your team mates and millions of people around the world idolise you and you're a shoe in for world footballer of the year. There's talk of record busting transfer offers coming in soon and of you possibly being the best footballer ever to lace up a pair boots. are you feeling for today's match?

PLAYER: I'm actually feeling a bit off form boss. Please take 20% off all of my abilities as a footballer and drop me from the squad.



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Don't forget to add that when the majority of your first team players have random 20% stat drops, you can almost guarantee that your reserve players will as well.



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They've sacrificed realism in favour of making the game more difficult at every turn.

They must know the fixture list, scripting, form arrows etc. etc. etc. are all extremely unrealistic but they either dont give a shit or they keep them in there because they think it gives the player more of a challenge.

I'm all for a challenge. Just not the "one legged man in an arse kicking contest" challenge that Konami seems so to keen to provide.


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The idea of arrows that represent condition is good. But the problem is that you unable to control it.


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The form of the player is number and represents the condition of the player with the system of arrows.

The condition is related with the age of the player, the tenacity of the player, the satisfaction of the player, the athletic trainer you use and the peace in the team.

A form 8 player at he age of 17 that is basic in every game usually has red or yellow arrow if the games that played exits his tenacity the arrow changes to green and need 1 game out to get rest if you don't do it can give you the blue arrow and so on. A 34 age player with form 8 can give you the green or the blue arrow more often an so on. An athletic trainer that has full points in form can give a boost to all of the players in the team and if they are young you may have a full red arrows team in some important games and is extremely useful but he cost 5 millions. If 3 players are out of the games in the bench that won some awards and complain that they are not playing that automatically can bring all the team down with blue and worst arrows.

There for the arrow system is very useful and helps me to monitor so many different factors with 1 look that something is wrong or not in the team you got it know?

PS that explains my rage in pess 2013 when i maxed out the strength and i got the 8 form and only 70 tenacity from 75-77 in older versions just to force me buy from the fucking shop the +5 points were missing? I find it stupid.