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Found a crack to play with classic & unlockable players!!


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Found a crack to play with classic & unlockable players. :shocking:

This will work and its tested. I got 2 users on my PS3, on my main one i did all the unlocking players winning the comps etc, created All Star Teams with those players.

English All Star
Spanish All Star
German All Star
Italian All Star
World Cup All Star
European Cup All Star

and a bogey side made up of left over players.

Then on my over user i only had Classic Germany unlocked. So no other teams or players were unlocked apart from Classic Germany.

What i did was i copied just my edit data (from my main user - all star teams) to the over user which just had Classic Germany unlocked.

**To do this start the game and then in the Main Menu go to Edit and select LOAD.

Presto - you can now play with players that you havn't unlocked!! :w00t:w00t

Now i havn't unlocked all the players but the main Classics teams are & and a few others i.e. Schmeichel, Stoichkov etc etc.

***So ONLY players that i have unlocked and registered to OTHER LEAGUES B section will appear***

What i will do is the unlocked players that i havn't yet registered with any team will be put in OTHER LEAGUES B section so that they are useable.

But do note that i havn't unlocked all the players so have been warned.

And to those that are peed off that Pele, Cruyyf etc are not in there they are in this OF, i just renamed players like VIOLA to PELE and VAN VOSSEN to CRUYFF. :cool::cool:

I just want to say thanks to HANZINO for using his OF as a base (for the real names) i actually spent a whole week unlocking the players and creating these All Star Teams.

I'll be posting my edit data soon as i figure out how to do it! :erm:


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314 views yet no reply other than myself

I think people haven't actually understand what i've done here!!

Now we all know we can't user other users OF's so teams and players will still be locked and they can't play with those classic teams and unlockable players!


I completed

International Cup with Bra, Arg, Eng, Ger, Hol, Ita
European Cup
Asia Cup
Africa Cup
American Cup
Won Master League, Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup

Now i know when you use other OF that have done the above the above will still be locked, yes???

But what i've done is all those players (every single one) which i've unlocked are put in Other Leagues B section so that theyre useable for any use for me i created 6 All Star Teams and players left over still transfereable to other teams in Other Leagues B section.

Note that when you transfer someone elses EDIT DATA in this case MINE, the classic teams will still be unlocked unless you already have unlocked them but you will benefit of the extra teams i created which will have those players which i have unlocked!

Basically if you don't have Classic Italy unlocked you can still play with those players but in Other Leagues B section.




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im not too sure how to upload the edit data, save it to a usb and then upload the folder to rapidshare or something, from what you have said, if this works, great job!!!!