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Free Kicks-Very very hard


Registered User
Went into training mode to practice free kicks, and I have to say it's so much harder to score from them. (Could'nt score 1 in 20 mins training)

PES5 was a doddle, hit it, Powerbar half way, apply curve, press R2 and bingo, you generally had a goal.

Do that in PES6, and the keeper makes a superb save or it sails over.

Anybody found a way of producing quality free kicks?


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Ive only scored 2 free kicks in game so far, that was with the free kick master Juninho though.


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It's hard to even get free kicks in scoring range now... i've only had about 3 chances since i bought the game on Wednesday. I think the refs have been toned down just a little too much.


It's really not that hard, just make sure you use the right technique for the distance, stats and style of your taker.


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It is difficult but try hit it into the other corner which isnt the obvious one if u no what i mean.

Scored a couple like that

pro evo 11

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use some curl ( is curl a new feature i cant remember doing it on pes 5)also remember to as you press square press up on the d pad if you are 25 m or more away and down on the d pad if your quite close to goal also quite wide to acomidate for the curl remember to check your players stats as some players curl is better than others wich means to acomidate a bit more i have scored with this 4 times ( all with beckham)
in about 15 games


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Juninho is class at freekicks. I shot from about 25 yards and i hit the bar with the keeper static. Looked class, i had to pause and calm down.


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indeed freekicks are very hard
but is score 3 times with henry
its very hard when you shooting at great goalkeepers
and when youre are at 24m or more
but when youre in that range en you shoot the ball
you can score one


Trapped In Cabinets
I've played one game round a mates yesterday, two free kicks scored both of them. It doesn't seem any harder than PES5.


The Three Amigos
With mose series of PES I've always found that it's more difficult to score them in training. You'll probably bang them in during the game.


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Try to use R2 instead of the down pad, and diminish shooting power a little bit.
The ones where you use the down all seem to either fly high over or hit the wall.

My problem is penalty kicks. I was awarded a few in matches I played and ALL of them have hit the bar or the post.