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Funny Online Multiplayer Conversations

Top Gun

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Inspired by some guy on COD4 earlier. He joined the game (Pipeline I think it was) and he was saying that he'd only just got the game. He then ran off by himself so we just ignored him, but about 2 minutes later he asks us "why is there a tree walking towards me" and started screaming when he got knifed by the guy in a ghilly suit. I nearly wet myself.

I've also had some guy on Left4Dead give the rest of us a lecture on racism, after somebody said the black guy always dies first. Was quite funny just how passionate he was getting about it.


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Playing COD4 the other day two Brits and one American were in the same clan, who was on my team, but the American was getting so pissed off with people using Juggernaut. In fact all the clan decided to gang up on this one Juggernaut user on the other side for about 5 or 6 matches straight. I happily joined in.

Anyway the conversations varied but it was interesting nonetheless.

Eric Clyde

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Also this one from Grand Theft Auto just for the randomness of it. English guy out of nowhere says (In a strong Geordie accent):

"Does anyone watch Byk'r Grove? I fooking love it!"

EDIT: Does this thread have to be about 'conversations' or can it be something funny related to multiplayer? I have some funny moments but I don't think it would be worthy of having 2 "Funny online Multiplayer" threads.


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A couple of weeks ago I was playing a Team Deathmatch on GTA, with powerful weapons. We won the first game easily, so at the end of it, some American was all "Set it to all weapons. We need to EARN that strong shit, dawg".

Not as funny in text, but I pissed myself laughing when I heard him say it.


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Playing Fifa 09 a few weeks ago we had some really annoying 12 year old kid playing (it was on the Be A Pro 10 v 10 online game on xbox360) and you know what 12 year old kids are like, especially over the xmas time....

Anyways he was really high pitched blabbering absolute jibberish over the mic... so half way through the match a few of us decided to get together an whenever he started talkin we all started goin: BABBBYYYYY.... BABBBYYYYY .....

I think you had to be there but it was funny an he got well pissed off lol


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Talking of youngsters, there was a young (sounding anyway) American kid on Burnout last night. He was talking as normal on mic, then a man's voice could be heard in the background, ripping into him for not allowing his sister on the PS2 when he's on the PS3.

It had myself and the other guy with a mic laughing.


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Sad to say, but my favourite online conversation has to have been on Home Beta. A textual discussion on homelessness within the online community... :huh:

The irony was most amusing. You had to be there I guess.

Eric Clyde

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Well there was one time I was playing FIFA 09 and I usually went right back but at half time I was switched to centre back. This pissed me off so I kept giving the ball away at any given oppurtunity. We were winning 4-1 at half-time and in the last 5 minutes it was 4-4. We had a freekick on the edge of our own box and I was taking it so I just passed to the defender next to me. He then passed back, still having a tenter tantrum at my position swap I decided to just head towards our own goal. You can hear the screams from about 5 or 6 different people going "Oh no!". My brother was watching me and he was literally on the floor laughing and all the guys watched the whole replay. The end score was 5-4 to them. :D

I payed for it though, I had almost 100% rep (My brother got me bad rep playing under my name at some point) and then it shot right down to 60% people liked me.


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:lol: :lol: That really made me laugh Clyde.

I really need to get a headset, any good ones I can get?


I drink your Milkshake
Playing an old Rainbow 6 a while back I was the host and I turned off Grenade Launchers. Anyway it was me and my Plymothian mate on the same team and about 6 on the other team and they were all Northern. They all refused to change team so I said OK we will play as it is. I secretlyy turned on the Grenade launchers again and me and my mate won the match.

In the lobby we began to gloat and they went proper ape shit. They demanded I start the next match or else they would track my ISP and kill me. I just sat in the lobby in hysterics gloating that 6 on 2 still lost. 4 of them left and me and my mate were winding up the final 2. It seemed that they were from Leeds and they were insistent we should meet up for a real fight 2 on 2. It was really quite sad yet very funny at how serious and passionate they were getting. I said I was from Plymouth and told them my street name and they offered to drive down and sort me out.

It truly was funny yet odd. Best bit was when my mate said in a broad Yorkshire accent "I fucking hate Leeds United" This meant further uproar followed by threats of the Service Crew coming to burn down our homes. :lol:


I was playing CoD World at War the other day and there were quite a lot of us on there, then some lad from England started chatting to what everybody thought was an American bird. He asked here name and they replied Jo. After about 10 minutes of him trying to chat her up, the English guy asked how old Jo was to which she replied "11 and i'm a boy you frickin dweeb".

Probably doesn't sound funny but it was


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Closest I ever came to something funny was a convo with a girl from Newcastle who I knew was like 9. Just standard frustrated her until she told me 'Piss off you paki'. So I too went racist.


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So many funny incidents.

Me and my mates have started this thing at the beginning of a COD4 match now where we single out one guy on our own team and all 3 of us knife him non-stop and chase him about. It doesn't sound that funny but see when you do it, it's hilarious.


The Three Amigos
CoD4 is always funny, especially if there's some "Super Serial" players on your team. I start with a flash bang which usually pisses them off. Or if a sniper steals my position I step back, throw a can of gas and fire a few rounds off before running away, so the opposition know where he is.