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furthest goal


Registered User
I've scored from in my own half, dont know how...1 was on the volley...vids to follow!


hi all,

just wondering whats the furthest goal anyone has scored??

so far mine is 47m

I got 48m. I must admit that it was an accident. It was supposed to be a mid-air tackle, but ended up as a 48m(just in front of the half-way line) lob by Arsenal's Denilson. Wow.


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nicely done.. i saw a complilation the other day and the guy was able to hit the ball high regardless of pressure and distance.


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Longest Goal

The ball bounced 49m out, just inside my oponents half and it was hit on a half volley......

What a screamer!

King Kourosh

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Furthest ever in PES 2008 for me is around 60m and just today scored one with Benzema, checked it in Track Record and it was exactly 50m.


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nice.. i'm trying to score power goals atm and its hard getting the accuracy and gettin defenders out the way!


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i can see... seriously tho just to hit the target from there is good but to score... that just shows quality


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Nice goals 01srainey and Feanor I really like them. To shoot normal goal from about a half of the pitch isn't really hard, but volley and shot with a ball bouncing on the ground are sth harder... btw I shot sth about 56 metres with Adriano and 52 metres with I think Van Persie.


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hold R2 and the longball button from inside your own half in the centre circle and you can do them pretty easily as long as the keeper is off is line. after corners is an easy time to do it, happens almost every time.


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ive scored one like 01srainey...not as far in my own half tho...his was incredible (the GK was good as well) ;)