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Gameplay tool : SFX + new gameplay patch for PES2011


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New Gameplay & Gameplay tool 0.4.2 by Jenkey1002
Promo Clip

gameplay changelog
- Better AI for COM
- Better ball physic
- No delay between motions
- SFX ambient sound
- Improve Animation process
- Better cussor change
- improve AI for BAL
- gameplay 4 mode : jenkey 0.4 /yair 0.5/komu/default
- setting tool
- stadium setting (change name, audience...)
Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch version 0.4.2 full version

New gameplay mode :

- jenkey1002 gameplay 0.4.2
- yair12 gameplay 0.7b

New feature :
- Stadium config
+ change name
+ change order
+ change in used stadium slot
- Match config
+ match time
+ super star mode
+ camera pes2010 mode
- Chants config
+ mix mode

New feature introduction - quick tutorial

Download :
mediafire :
mirror :

Gameplay tool install guide:

- Copy files to pes2011 installed folder
Example : C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
- Use "Gameplay tool - config.exe" for configure gameplay setting
- Attach kitserver to your pes2011 exe file if have request
- Play game via "Gameplay tool - run.exe"

Have fun !

Credit : juce, komu, yair12, barcafan

please use my link, if need mirror just aks me
thank so much your cooperation !!!
Im waiting for your all feedback.
visit my blog :blush: have a lot funny things for PES :

Recommended : Run tool as adminstrator (Windows 7) & turn off your antivirus



This is great stuff, new version up on his blog btw.

I haven't actually tested this, but I've tested yair12's latest gameplay patch and it is truly nothing short of awesome. I have started playing PES again, and especially BAL, as it is truly enjoyable with yair12's latest (1.1.2 when I write this) patch.

I can't find the words to recommend this enough!

KONAMI, DOWNLOAD AND LEARN FROM THESE GUYS! Or better yet, hire them... because they know a thing or two about football and coding that you obviously don't...


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I'm using newest firepatch atm, which seems to have Jenkey gameplay editor 0.8. and Yair "final" with it. I haven't tried that yet, but looks like I gotta have to. hopefully it's similar to this one 1.1.2 you're talking about.

EDIT: I download this same 1.1.2 to try the newest as well. Can you verify that I don't have to begin a new ML or anything, just start with the exe & go for it?


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When I run the Gameplay tool - run.exe, it doesn't even run my PES.
It only opens this gameplay tool in the processes , but it doesn't run my pes? Why?


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The new version works but it sucks since you can't make ANY changes to the exe, for example if you want to set the starting ML year it works only if you run it from the original exe not with this patch... really sucks.


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One question.

Do you have much experience how these patches affect on AI ability to score goals.
As at the moment in Top Player I might sometimes get truly owned by AI passing, dribbling, but their finishing just sucks. So I can basically win games which I really shouldn't as AI just can't score.

I really WANT to lose, and AI to score if they can play themselves into good positions!