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Gayest Referee EVER!


115 and Counting...
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Wat a poof. How funny wud it be if he was in the world cup and we see a full game of him in action. LOLOL. WAT A POOF!!!!!!


115 and Counting...
Its so funny how he sticks his chest out wen he's bookin someone. He so badly wants t*ts.


aka Uchiha Itachi
man that ref got some guts. LOL :D I can't believe he actually do thoses things on a football pitch. man hes can be the most faggotest ref in the world.LOL :D


Registered User
giangtr said:
he looks gayingly annoying, i like how he back pedals though its very ballet like. LOL
yeah i'm starting to think he had springs for studs, cause thats some agility right there mate :D


Super 14 Champions 2006
i think it is classic... it is like in Cricket now they have an umpire called Billy Bowden and he is a little eccentric (not gay like this bloke) but he just adds his own little tough to all the signals.. and the corwd love it.. i think it is great.. and overly hilarious.. i love the way he runs.. it is so funny...


Betting Guru
Ah come on you really havn't seen this before? Why can't people use search, they even showed it on Soccer AM in like one of the first seasons it's that old and he's doing it in memory of some other guy who used to ref like that

But hey yeh funny ha ha whatever - when I saw it the first time :confused:


Super 14 Champions 2006
well living in a secluded land like Australia.. and the fact that i only started following soccer 18 months ago ( i did play before that.. infact i started when i was 3.. and played since... so thats almost 15 years i have been playing soccer) i have never seen it.. but damn it is funny..


dyou think that ref is real or dyou think it hes doing it as a laugh ?? because i cant understand how sum1 cud have the bottle to do that