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GOAT footie game?


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I’ve been playing football games since the days of Kick Off on the Amiga (showing my age there).

Unlike a lot of ‘old skool’ gamers I don’t hark back to the good old days. Football games are way more entertaining now than they were back then with a much bigger variety of goals and tactics available, not to mention game modes and online play.

The advent of ISS which became PES and the FIFA renaissance have been glory days for computer football. I’m a bit of a swing voter between the two games, I think PES was dominant for ages, then FIFA took over and now is maybe heading back the other way (I haven’t played PES 17 yet).

Anyway, I sold of my copy of FIFA 16 cos I didn’t think it was as good as 15 and the version of 17 that I played didn’t grab me either so I was looking at buying FIFA games online so I could go back to 15 when I thought what is the best football game of all time? Any PES or any FIFA from any year.

What is your favourite gameplaywise?


It is happening again
ISS Pro Evo 2
Fifa 99
Championship Manager 01/02 (if that counts)