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Good or bad move in ML ?

Vladimir BGD

Registered User
I am currently playing with Porto in Liga Zon Sagres and finished my first season at 1st place...I had good coaches and most of my players ratings got pretty high(Hulk,Djalma,J.Rodrigues,Rolando etc.) I bought Oscar from Chelsea because I wanted a young and fast midfielder and also Ola John from Benfica(I kinda wanted him from the start :) )So at the end of the season I received an offer for Djalma,Inter gave mi 30milions for him and I sold Marc Janko to Tottenham for 13mil.(euros)...First I needed a replacement for Janko so I bought Remy from Marseille and I bought another midfielder,Javi Martinez from Athletic Bilbao(Bayern Munich now :D )...And I played first fixture of the new season against Sporting CP...I managed to start with Remy (Hulk was benched) but I was losing at half time 2-0...I was scared that I have made a big mistake bringing those two players,so I substitute Remy and let Hulk play and I continued to play...Lucky for me it was 2-2,and I tought that it's just that game but in the next fixture I was facing Braga and I was losing again at half time 0-1 and my scumbag computer went BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death :D )...sorry for my bad english,what do you think I should do ? :mellow:


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Same thing I always worries about.
I came to the conclusion, which is pretty obvious, that you must get used to the player's you buy.

I'am playing with Valencia and I just did the greatest sign of my life, I bought C.Ronaldo. I thought that he was gonna bring me everything, since I still had Soldado there who wasn't really special.
The first 3 matches Ronaldo scored only once!

Now, later in the season, Ronaldo ís my very best player. He scores every match.

You just need to get their style of play, than the results will come.