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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City


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Just seen pictures of the new GTA Liberty City. Sounds pretty good and the graphics look awsome!!! I'll try and get more pictures.

Rockstar believes that the combat system is much better than San Andreas in Liberty City Stories. There's not a great track record of targeting in the franchise so it would be great if this is accurate.

Meanwhile the game will have its own unique radio stations with licensed songs - but due to the size of the PSP's UMD media, not as many as the full-size console GTA games. Thanks to some technical wizardry by Rockstar and Sony, the game will fit on one disk.

It seems some thought has gone into the way people play handheld games and so the average mission time is pretty short - around two minutes compared to the longer missions of games such as GTA: SA.

There's good news in that although we may have to wait a while until the game is done, Rockstar will take the time to complete the title, rather than shipping it with features taken out to hit a deadline. If all goes well, we should be seeing the game released before Christmas 2005



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This is a PSP game remember. Won't be as good as any PS2 GTA. Change the name of the thread to GTA : Liberty City Stories before people get the wrong idea please.

And that picture is of....

EDIT: The info I know is that you play Tony (the momma's boy) who was voiced by Michael Madsen and it is set before GTA3. So Luigi's Bar doesn't exist yet, some other club. And there are bikes, so a whole new aspect for Liberty City.

Papa Lazarou

LOL that aint a pic of GTA that's for sure!!

I have seen the GTA pics and they are almost as good as the GTA3 graphics!!

I may have to invest in a PSP just for this game!!


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Ah well that's the pic right next 2 the article on the website.
So i don't know. Mibee it's right mibee it's wrong, a don't know.


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Am I the only person on earth who despises the GTA games? Okay, I don't really hate them, but I don't know what the big deal is.


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To be blatantly honest, i thought GTA: SA was a bit of a let down. It was incumbent on its reputation and i feel i was one of the very few people who saw through it. GTA Vice City was the best.


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Nah, Vice City was boring, bit of an uninteresting storyline amd the overall feel of the actual city was dull.

San Andreas > Liberty City > Vice City


Loopy about Lupoli
GTA Vice City was the best!? That's the worst of all the 3D GTA games. San Andreas is the best, then GTA3, then Vice City in my opinion.

EDIT: Agreed Dirty Frank.


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Frank, you forgot GTA3, that had an amazing story line, massive step from GTA2 to GTA3. It was amazing playing in 3D


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Tupac Shakur said:
I wasnt just talking about him-but earleir in the thread there was people who never liked it..
Touche. I apologise, as I am not an argumentative person.