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[GRAPHIC EDITION] = More than 250 Titlescreens and 60 rolling menus =


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-> Compatible PC/PS2/X-box, PES5 and WE10 :
Check for titlescreens and rolling menus shared by french editors on are in french, but doesn't matter, just have a look and download (click on first/last page, they may be concentrated in the first post), make it very easy to customise your backgrounds !

/!\ KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL 25th file (english menu) in unnamed_253.bin in the E_TEXT if you don't want to see your menu... in french !!! /!\

A tutorial (thx Dkbob) to insert them in your game here : -> "Tutoriaux" -> "Installer un menu"

--> Titlescreens from menus (go to lower menus list and links)
Files "unnamed_270.bin", directly import in e_text (Game graphic Studio)

--> Titlescreens & backgrounds by Seven
(few links down for the moment)
Pictures ".png8" (512*512)
More than 160 titlescreens...

--> Titlescreens by JLCollina
Pics ".png8" (512*512)
More than 50 titlescreens...

--> Titlescreens by Furdock
Pics ".png8" (512*512)
Some digital art titlescreens...

Files ".bIN", import in e_text of PES5
- unnamed_270.bin : Titlescreen
- unnamed_251.bin : rolling menu (3 pics + menu bg)
- unnamed_253.bin : transition bg (21 et 22) and left pic (26) (sometimes)
/!\ KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL 25th file (english menu) /!\
- unnamed_0 : loading logo (sometimes)

(check for WE10 numbers)

--> MENUS by Dkbob

Menu Joga Bonito
Full pack Joga Bonito

Menu WorldCup V1
Menu WorldCup V2
Menu WorldCup V3
Menu WorldCup V4

Menu England
Menu Belgium
Menu Spain
Menu France 98

Menu Ajax Amsterdam
Menu Anderlecht
Menu Arsenal
Menu Barcelone
Menu Bilbao
Menu Chelsea
Menu Everton
Menu Inter
Menu Le Havre
Menu Lens
Menu Liverpool
Menu Lyon
Menu Marseille
Menu Monaco
Menu Nice
Menu Paris Saint Germain
Menu Rennes
Menu Valence

Menu Drogba
Menu Henry
Menu Van Buyten

Menu Bear !
Menu Pâques

--> MENUS by Ledelb

Menu France-Portugal
Menu Lyon
Menu Beckham
Menu Cissé
Menu Zidane

Menu Clara Morgane

--> MENUS by Saï (mine !)

Menu AsiatiK FasHion [sexyfoot] (+ menu soundpack)
Menu joga bonita ! [sexyfoot]

Menu RASTA soccer
Menu Pelé

--> MENUS by Arthur

Menu Joga Bonito
Menu Brasil
Menu Africa

Menu Arsenal
Menu AS Roma
Menu Barcelone
Menu Bordeaux
Menu Chelsea
Menu Inter
Menu Manchester United
Menu Milan AC
Menu Lyon
Menu Marseille
Menu PSG
Menu PSG 2006/2007
Menu Real Madrid
Menu River Plate
Menu Saint-Etienne
Menu Valenciennes FC

Menu Beckham
Menu Cantona (my soundpack cantona here :
Menu Henry
Menu Maradona
Menu Rooney

Menu Pokémon !
Mini-patch "Champion's League" (not a menu, but usefull)

Please comment & ENJOY !


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Before every one asks can some please put a step by step way of putting the images in to pes6.... because the one in the tutorials are confusing wen ur changing more than one background