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Grrrr stop handicapping me with injuries!


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Seriously, this happens EVERY SEASON. First or 2nd knockout rounds of the CL, if I happen to do better than expected on the 1st leg (drawing or beating a much stronger team on Superstar), although I'll finish with all my players ok, I'll then get 1 or even 2 of my best players contracting an injury either from that match or in training so that I can't have them for the 2nd leg. Happens literally EVERY TIME.

The other cheat-y thing is that I usually get matches with my 2 domestic rivals coming in a row and coinciding with the 2 legs of a CL round, which means I can hardly go through that 4-match run unscathed since my players will be completely knackered.

Either that or suddenly almost all my players will have half stamina bars from being in the national teams right when I'm having a CL match, like they played a day or two before or something... Great scheduling, Konami!

Am I the only one these things happen to???


It is happening again
Not sure about the injury thing, but you're right about the international break before the CL quarter final. It's a nuisance. The first leg is always an away match too! My advice - if you have (for example) 6 England international players and/or key players that play for England - become the manager of England the first chance you get, and then when it comes to that nuisance international break, drop your players from the international squad. :)


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In my experience, players are more likely to pick up an injury (even if they don't get visually injured during the match) if they're running low on stamina, or completely empty, and you continue playing them for the full ninety. The injury won't happen during the game (i.e. you won't see them on the ground and going out of the game) but after the game has ended and the time has progressed to the next match. The game will say "x player has picked up an injury in training", but it will be a direct knock-on effect from playing him when he was balls out.

Yeah, the Champions League Quarter-Final is a pain in the ass. The only way around it, apart from what Ali said, that I've managed is to either build your players stamina up with training (physical) or have either a general or a leader that can boost your players condition for key matches/all matches. If you make a general your captain, players will be less bothered by tiredness.

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Knockout stage of the champions league last season Bale got injured and it was so bad he didn't return to the pitch. I didn't even know until the match ended that I was only playing with 10 men. :blush:

Knockout stage of the champions league has arrived again and just before the second leg Bale is injured for 4 weeks.