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GT5 Photos


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Here's the place to show off your cars, your crash footage or just your penchant for tweaking pics.

For those without the know, here's a quick guide on GT5 photo's:

Only premium cars can be used with the photo mode on the GT mode home page
(box to the right of the used car dealerships).
Standard cars have to be snapped in replay mode using the photo mode option available during said replay.

Once your pic is taken, save it in your photo library. Exit photo/replay mode then go to the library (the camera icon on the left hand side of the GT mode home page)

Highlight car in the photo library, press triangle & select "Export to XMB Photo menu" from the menu. Then you have to quit the game & transfer the image from the XMB photos bit to a mem card to your PC.

Below is my premium '88 Supra taken in photo mode...

... and my standard Mitsu Legnum from replay mode...

If you have any questions, or need any further help, let me know ;)
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Nice pics Apps. Just a tip for the future, if you adjust the shutter speed you'll get motion blur on the wheels and a touch on the car. It'll make it look more like the car is moving (like my Legnum photo in the first post)

Nice pics though all the same ;)


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Yeh I noticed when I uploaded them that the wheels looked a bit silly. Ah well something to remember for next time!