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Hello everyone!


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Hello PESGaming forum,

after doing loads of quiet reading and lurking, particularly in the Master League threads of PES 2015 and PES 2016, I decided to sign up to share some of my own PES 2015 Master League stories (I didn’t get this year’s PES because I wasn’t entirely convinced after playing it at a friend’s place).
I’ve been playing loads of PES 3 – 6 in my last years of school – these games were my reliable source of entertainment and companions (and somewhat still remain to this day). I quit after the abomination PES 2008 turned out to be to go back to PES 5 and 6 for many years. I played FIFA for two years (2012 and 2013) but felt annoyed quite quickly by the ridiculous goal and pace fests that occurred frequently. So in the end a great session of PES 2015 led me to getting the game and I still enjoy it, mainly playing Master League, practicing the Manual Play and giving quick online matches a go once in a while. But above all I always enjoyed starting Master League seasons with clubs that are well known for their youth academies and young players that made it to the biggest clubs. So Ajax Amsterdam was one of the obvious choices I went for in the past. With PES 2015 I slightly changed the focus but more on that in the thread on this topic.

Even if the PES 2015 Master League experiences thread seems to have died out I’m looking forward to posting some bits of the stories that I enjoy playing at the moment.

So yes, cheers to all of you!