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Hello from France !


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Hello everyone ! not being a master in the language of shakespeare, I prefer to help myself using google translation ...
I'm MagicWaddle, i'm french, I've been patching since I was a child, I started on FIFA 97 on Genesis , then on ISS and later PES.
After spending 5 years with Retroplay80 and releasing Super Data Patch on PES 6 and some European 80's patches on next gen, I created PES French Connection with my friend Rampillon77, we work a lot on American soccer that we love, and also on the European seasons before 80's.
I've known PES Gaming for a long time and I think it's time for me to sign up!


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Hello and welcome !

You mentionned that you did patching on 16-bit. Few years ago, Konami released the list of real names for ISS Deluxe on SNES but the players names are not editable in game.

Do you have tools to edit ISS Deluxe and create an IPS patch ?

A similar patch exists for the NTSC version of the game and I'd like to do the same thing with the PAL one.