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Help Index For Newcomers (ALL READ!!)

Swans of Never

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I'm trying to use the Xport for the 360 but despite the fact that I've got saved games etc on my hard drive, it tells me that I don't have anything in partition 3...can anybody help please?


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it says no save data..

i have done everything u saif for the option files..i have downloaded the von of and i copied them to my ps3 but nothing happens thegame does not see the data that i have says no saved data...what should i do?


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-at the top should say usb device (or similar)
-go into that you will see all the pes files (an edit data file, and many images of kits)
-press triangle on one and copy that to your ps3 (your main user profile on your ps3)
-repeat this for all the files

When i go into the usb device its says "No saved Data" and there is no display all option
im in desperate need of help,what do i do


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I don't understand, do I need a "transfer kit" to transfer the stuff from my pc to the HDD? :crymore: My xbox 360 is flashed. Please, can somebody tell me how to do this?

West Ham Zidane

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You on PS3?

Don't press X to access the USB device. Hit triangle and select "Display All" :)

Thanks mate, this worked for the chants. The only problem I'm still having is that in 'Saved Data Utility' my USB sticks (I've tried several) all report "no saved data".

The data is obviously there but can't be displayed in that part of the menu. Has anyone got any tips?



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One day i happily brought ps2 to play my loving game pes2009 but i c that there no bayern munich in pes2009 i got screwed up than i decided to change my option file with updated option file then i downloaded it and with the help of ARMAX i tried to copy it to my memory card but it got curropted(thanks to MCkiller that it saved my mem card ). Again i downloaded it to my memory card using armax..this time my MC didnt got currupted but wheni load my pes 2009 it says that it cannot be loaded.

Can anybody in God's green earth tell me how to copy pes option file succesfully into my ps2 mem card? and what is the use of bin cue can we download it to memory card


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I seriously need help with importing player faces on PES 2009, been atempting to do it with various tools all morning. example x.alonso. I have replaced his bin files etc (relinked) blah blah... and everytime its his same face. Another example would be Balotelli I try change his face files etc... and I get some random character that looks nothing like it. :( any links or tutorials that may help would be so appreciated.


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i am very new to all this data transfering stuff and i need help from someone who knows what their doing..

i have purchased the datel wire thing for the 360, and have data ready to put on my HDD, but i open up Xport 360 and it wont find my HDD : /

please help if you can shed any light on this for me


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I have a chant that I want to load into PES 2010 PS3 but after I download it I get the message: "Music Error - Data type is not supported" My chant is in .mp3 format it was transferred via USB stick and stored in my PS3 under the playlist KONAMI_PES. It plays this file just fine in PS3 but the game PES 2010 will not read it. Could someone please tell me what might be wrong? My other chants work just fine. I'm fairly new to this and any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!