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Help me understand how Master League works


New Member
I am brand new to PES, and I have a few embarrassingly basic master league question.

1) Why can't I see the league standings, not just for my league, but all the other leagues too? Is there no where to see wins, losses, draws for each league whenever I want?

2) My understanding of ML is that I will play in my league (starting in D2 and working to D1) and then I will play against other teams in other leagues in the Champions league play. So, are the other teams in the other leagues being actively managed by the computer, signing new players, getting better and worse, competing in the players market, etc. I don't want them to just be teams that appear for the sake of the Champions league play. I want the game to have a real full European club competition feel to the game.

2) I am planning on editing some leagues and moving teams around, but I am not sure how the "Other European Teams" section works with that. That group of teams are not an actual league, and they are not recognized as a league for EUFA Champions purposes either. Yes, those teams do get included in the Champions league, but they don't come from an official league like all the other teams. So, as I go from season to season in ML, do the teams in the "Other European Teams" section get better and worse, sign players, participate in the game as a whole?

Thank you in advance for helping me understand how ML works, so I can better plan how to edit leagues and create my ML.