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Help Needed on creating Leagues and competition,Rare Kit created.


New Member
Hi guys
Im new to PES modding and ive been working on creating kits for my country Mauritania.
At first i have struggled to find ressources needed to create them.I had to buy camera and photograph some of them and recreating everything in photoshop.
I gotta say i'm halfway through with our 1st division kits.If anyone interested hits me up.ive also cleaned emblems,federation,Managers and club logos.
It took me many months to gather/clean/organise et create these.

My questions are :

1.i wanna create 2 leagues : 1st division and a second division.with each division having 14 teams.Do i use dummy leagues or create new ones? if so how?what better dummy leagues? im using efootball 2021.

2.Since most players are african/brown ,which dummy players i need to there a list of players id better for that?

3.How to delete teams from leagues? some leagues have 20 teams,i only need 14.

4.i have custom font for the jerseys,any way to include them?

5.I will be attacking faces, i know its a daunting task but i dont get easily discouraged.any recommended easy tutorials for that? not gonna try very realistic faces.

6.Im planning to convert my kits and teams to PS3/PS4 eventually,ive seen TED files created ,anyway i create my own TED file and CED files?

Im very tech savvy so im not afraid of complex tools.I just need wise directions and pointers.
Been lurking in these forums for a while but never knew the ingeniosity of this community.Turning average Konami game to perfection.
Thanks in advance


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