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Help With Conference League Badges


Registered User
Hello All Im Currently looking for stevenage borough and torquay united badges and i can only manage to find badges with white backgrounds.

could some one please get these two badges and take the white backgrounds away for me please ? (be much appreciated)

THANKS in advance


Registered User
I would be interested in knowing how to do this aswel as i have got the POrt Vale badge but with a white background and if you can take it away iwould like to know how.



Cat O' War!!
Here you go guys, PS3 ready, PNG, no background:

Port vale:

Stevenage Borough:

Torquay United:

Trust they OK for you? :)

Mullet Taylor

Registered User
Wildcat ( or anyone for that matter :p ) would you be able to put together a nice badge for my master league team ? i downloaded a new option file which whiped out my old badge, which was kinda shitty anyway

My team is called Cathkin FC and i sorta had a star, with one side Red and the other black as the old badge.

i'd kinda like a badge along the lines of these

so with those 2 images in mind, could someone put together something strong? black and red are the main colours with abit of white if it fits ( home strip is white with the adidas stripes black with bits of red round the collar.

i'd really appreciate it if one of you wizards of editing could help me out. thanks

i play pro on the pc btw

EDIT : I know im pushing my luck but could someone make the badge suitable for the Chest Logo aswel ? with Adidas in black on the right tit and the new badge on the left tit, with CR Smith as the sponcer on the belly ?


Mullet Taylor

Registered User
Adidas ! kinda like chelsea's new home top, the adidas sign on the right and the new badge on the left tit. i'd like my sponcer to be CR Smith instead of Samsung though