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Henry curler ( using secret L1 curl shot )


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I've heard about the L1 shot but I never knew exactly what it looked like. Now I do. And that was sweet. I cant wait to try that. Thanks a lot for showing that.


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I'm glad SOMEONE liked it lol

I posted this on a diferent forum (gamefaqs) and didn't explain that it was the hidden L1 shot and got 80% flames......someone even said it was a hit and hope...I hate that term.....every shot you hope it goes in :p.

Now my Eto'o goal in the long shots thread..THAT was hit and hope.


I can't access these replays cos i'm at work and its against company policy to go on certain websites but i wanna try this shot cos i've never heard of it before. How exactly do i manage it?


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Hasilegend, it's Left Trigger.

Nice goal, haven't scored one of these out of training yet. All of them i've seen that have gone in have been from Henry. My mate had one with i think it was del piero maybe, beat the goalie easily but a defender came diving across and headed it out. I've had a couple with Rooney that have gone completely and utterly top right hand corner, yet the goalie keeps getting to them.

My mate did get one done with the same technique the other night with Vieri, though he has absolutely no curl stats, so it didn't look as spectacular as this. Though it came off the bar, then post, then in. Which was nice.


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L1 or R2?? i thought L1 was for the lob. correct me if im wrong

btw :p nice goal
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Its L1 and shoot, the same combination you would use for lobbing a shot normally. Only a few players can actually perform this secret curling shot ie. Rooney, Henry and a few others.
To do it you simply run parallel to the goal with one of those players, normally from the corner of the box to around half way before the D, then power up a shot to full power, holding L1 at the same time. Its often easy for the keeper to stop but if you get it right...
You can see the results!