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How are you getting on in ML Offline


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I'd love to be able to record game footage like that.

Tough start, some shocking goals conceded in the Spurs game!


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You know how you get boots after matches. When you give them to a player & you end up selling them/sending them on loan, do the players take the boots with them or do they leave them behind? Same question also applies for when you buy stuff from the shop, like extra ability etc. Do they leave this behind when they leave the club or do they take it with them?


Hi folks

Does anyone know the answer?



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I'm in my third year of my master league with VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. Currently leading the league in points after winning it in my second year on the last day of the season, with both Bayern and Schalke miraculously losing their final game, allowing me to pick up 3 points to jump to first. I had signed Alain Traore in my second year, and he developed greatly to an 82 OVR, and I recently sold him for 10 million to recover costs of Taarabt/Reus/Schieber.

GK - Ospina (87 OVR)
LB - Carvojal Ramos (82/83 OVR)
CB - Aiden Neto (86 OVR, youth club signing from first year, developed amazingly)
CB - Dann (82 OVR, signed this season to bolster back line)
RB - Mandi (81 OVR)
DMF - Mvila (85 OVR or close to that, french international who has really helped out my midfield a lot)
LMF - Son Heung-Min (83 OVR, fastest player on team with 94 speed, laser of a right foot)
CMF - Xabi Parejo (80 OVR, also youth signing from first season, excellent pace, great dribbler, and a long ranger)
RMF - Reus (87 OVR, had been trying to get him from Dortmund forever, finally signed and has been great, extremely quick and a great crosser)
SS - Taarabt (90 OVR, best player on the team, best dribbler, can curl one in or knuckle from 35+ out, leading Bundesliga in goals)
CF - Schieber (82 OVR, just picked him up in the midseason transfer window to replace default ML striker Minandinho, who wanted out. Only left footer in the starting lineup)

Really solid lineup everywhere, and I can rely on every midfielder/forward to score in any given game if others are not up to form. I want to sign Keisuke Honda for my CMF (my favorite player, even though he is 28 and Parejo is like 22) but CSKA will not agree to terms.


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P.S. Would you guys please please please kindly suggest to me a cheap-ish AMF player to sign in the January Window

Fetfatzidis from Olympiakos. My favourite player, easily. Signed him on my Inter save for £1 million. So cheap and effective, only down side is a lack of a stamina but otherwise is perfect.


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Started an ML with Man Utd(Master league original line up) and wow did i get a shock!!
Started on top player as usual with PES games and i was blown away by the difficulty and the new controls(Hadnt played since PES 2011). I literally could not win a game in D2 i kept making stupid mistakes and the AI was owning me.I found i had always had possesion but was hopeless in the final 3rd and very sloppy at the back
So i switched to professional, Getting used to the game has been vital and ive put a decent run together and im aiming to finish 13th(currently in 16th)
Hopefully ill sign a few half decent players in the summer and make a push for promotion next season

----------------2CD SEASON------------------
Ended up finishing dead last in my first season and started off terribly with 8 losses in my second.But i turned it all around and went from December 7th to the last game unbeaten with 2 draws and the rest wins. Ended getting promoted finishing second with basically my youth team+ 4 or 5 default players + hoyte, Grifo and Bance
In the off season Hoyte Grifo and My best defender Ngawa ended up putting in transfer requests i sold Hoyte and Grifo
Losing grifo was a blow as he was my highest rated player at 82, im doing well in The premier league, got 4 points from 4 games and have been very unlucky with the AI getting some ridicolous goals. Also lost 4-3 to liverpool after being 2-0 and 3-1 down i got it back to 3-3 only to concede a last minute winner
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Love this game. I think it's the best PES I've played in a long long time.

Normally, I would have concurred the game by now in the most difficult setting. (Usually, Top Players, but Superstar for this one.) Every time I played any new version of PES, I found it's usually easy like promoting from D2 to the top league in a year with almost no losses or none. Winning the top league wasn't that difficult either. But this version, I can win any game and lose any if I'm not careful.

I first played Blackburn as I wanted to bring a team from D2 to the top league. I chose Blackburn simply because the jersey is kinda unique. Anyway, Blackburn isn't such a bad team, compared to the rest of the D2. I got promoted in one season, finishing at #3, but it took to the last game before I could be sure my team would be promoted.

Like many lower teams, it's quite difficult to manage as good players will want to leave the team, while you don't really have much money to spend. (Although, I think Blackburn is still much easier than teams like Derby.)

I did okay in the Premier League in the first season, finishing at #7 and qualified for Europa League. (What I enjoyed the most was when I beat Man City 4-1.) After playing about 8 games in the first season, I stayed at #1 before losing to Man City and dropped to #2 in the ranking.

At the time, I thought I already 'concurred' the game.

Boy, was I wrong!

After thinking that, I switched to my real team that I wanted to play--Man Utd. (That's what I always do.) And what normally happened with all other older versions was that it'd be very easy to win every cup. Well...not this time!

I sold old players like Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, Carrick and the like and got younger and talented players like El Shaarawy, De Sciglio, Modrić, Benzema, Sterling and a few others.

And it turned out I didn't win anything in the first season, while Man City won everything! I finished #4 in the ranking, went to the final of the Champions League and lost in the semi-final of the FA Cup.

Anyway, what I notice is that I always shoot a lot of goals. My teams always have the most goals scores in any league, but the problem is my defense as I'm conceded a lot.

I stopped playing Man Utd for now and am back to the Blackburn saving.


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Finished strongly in my third season, ending up 5th in the league and winning the FA cup. Im currently 1st by 8 points in january and into the KO stages of europa league and semis of FA cup. My best players are my 3 youth team signings from 1st season. Vico(Cmf 93), Ngawa(CB 91) and Schober(GK 89)


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Just started again with my leeds team. Got rid of all the deadwood (which is pretty much 3/4 of the team) then signed cacau (absolute legend, always gets me promotion with his goals), vico, ngawa. Doing pretty well, last master league I started ended up being the dominant force in the game playing on superstar level. Currently playing on professional, I started poorly with alot of draws and scrappy wins, but have turned it around after my solitary defeat to Brighton.

Sitting top of the league 11 points clear in D2 and have a semi final against Chelsea in the cup which I am not too confident about (only decent team on my run was Liverpool a 3-1 win) if I can get to the final Europa League football is mine! Not worried about the league that'll take care of itself.


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lol people talk to me lol im the ultimate champ in masterleague and become a legend. after getting a patch i decided to start masterleague with watford from second division and won that qualified to top division, just misssed out on europa in my first season second season i just missed out on championsleague place on goal difference after coming fifth but then when i was in europa league won it have won league fa cup and champions league plus supercup, i did all did on literally no budget all i had to do was sell all thhe old players on the team get some young blood from the youth squad and train them.


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Im into my third season as Cooper United (changed name from the PES united team). Been quite enjoyable and challenging all in all.

As for most people D2 wasn't so hard and topped the league by a fair bit. The second season was quite exciting though. I ended winning the EPL by a point! Though it wasn't a last game miracle thing as exciting as that would have been. I was actually four points ahead going into the final game and lost it, hence the 1 point win. Still the closest ever league I've had in any football game ever pretty much. The second place AI team City switched places with me multiple times in the last 10 games.

Third season is going pretty well. Third season of most Master Leagues seem to go well in general as its around about that time your youth players start to get really good as well when you started getting some real money to spend. Current team atm-



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Is it possible to have a dedicated thread for a single Master League campaign? I am going to start a new Master League as Wondengine Town in the Premier League with defaults on top player and see if I can keep them up. Might be difficult but interesting, and a realistic experience of trying to keep a bad team in the league after promotion and building on.


I'm not doing well in older versions you had better money to start you could invest in a better staff members and do some really good transfers.

I can't get use this idea.


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Want to update on this. Blackburn in Super Star difficulty.

- 1st Season in D2 = #3 (promoted to D1), knocked off in the quarter final in FA Cup -- Cardiff City won the league

- 2nd Season in D1 = #7 (qualified for Europa League), knocked off at the round of 16 in FA Cup -- Man City won the league

- 3rd Season in D1 = #6 (qualified for Europa League), knocked off at the round of 16 in FA Cup, knocked off in Group Stage in Europa League -- Chelsea won the league

- 4th Season in D1 = #3 with 3 games to go (5 points behind the leader, but very unlikely to win the league), knocked off quarter-final in FA Cup, going into the final of Europa League against Liverpool (who is like #8 in D1 right now) -- Chelsea is at #2 (Chelsea now has Iniesta and Rooney), Man City at #2

I still have less than 10,000 fan clubs. That's a difficult part to gain good money. Hopefully, I'll get much more fan clubs after this season results.

Hopefully, in the new PES 2014, it'll be as challenging. It'll be fun to manage one team to the top and then switch to another. :)

EDITED: Finished the 4th season. Losing 2 of the last 3 games to #13 and #14 teams. In the last game, I only need to draw and I'd have secured the fourth place and a spot for Champions League. Got scored first and then pulled back for a draw with one minute to go. And then conceded a goal in extra time. :( So, it's 5th place this season and another year in Europa League. Good news is I won the Europa League.

- 4th Season in D1 = #5, knocked off quarter-final in FA Cup, Europa League Champion!!!

Started new season. Going well now. Beat Blackpool 8-0 in the first game and won over Bayern Munich 3-0 in the Super Cup. On top of that, my fan club has boosted from 9,000 last season to about 30,000 now. With two new sponsors with 1+ million in place, everything is going well now. :D