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how do i stop the online ai freekick glitch?!

footlong m

Registered User
please please please does somebody know how i can stop messi et al scoring freekicks with unassited user input online?
you know the 1 i mean, the player selects somebody off the ball and so on.. the ball 90% of the time ends up in the top corner.
Can it be defended against regularly?

please help, it's driving me insane the number of these f**kers doing this.


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Lol. its annoying but idk if there is a solution. What I usually do is get my tallest player and place it near the post so that he can head the ball if it comes that way. Doesnt always work but it helps sometimes.


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damn freekicks

yeah, unfortunately not much you can do- tallest player on near post and select the wall to rush the kick. I have had some joy controlling a player to nudge the oppositions man away from my keeper just before the timer runs down, that gives my keeper a clear run to try and save it but if the kick's accurate it's almost impossible to prevent

Hope that's one that's sorted for 2013