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how do you go round the keeper?

money may

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this is my first pro evo for like 3 years and the last time i played rounding the keeper was really easy it seems hard now any suggestions?


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Go around him i guess.... but really you can dummy shot it and just turn away from the keeper...there smarter these days though


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use a feint and dribble fast right or left.
but yeah its difficult to get to a 1 on 1 position. like in real life :)


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like in real life, drop your shoulder, it's the upper body feint, doesn't always work but it's good against low lvl keepers


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Run left or right =)

No seriously, sharp angles, but don't sprint, if the keeper is coming out to you before you make your move, double tap the sprint button and knocked the ball to the side so he won't grab it, then knock it in.

Not the easiest thing to do with the super fast defenders in this game. But it's a treat when you do it online.


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works for me i did it vs inter with pato in qauter final of champ league lol and done it a few times with lazevi when i played with napoli

Of course it'll happen as it happens in real life too. But not as much as it happened in 2010. So not a great advice ;)


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there are quite a few ways to round the keeper, fake shots (Square + X) or simply pushing the ball diagonally away from the keeper works well (when running towards goal, tap R1 and diagonally away from the keeper when ur close enough) . Though with the way the AI defenders have improved now, it doesnt work as well like in PES 2010 now. Sometimes u push it wide and the defender will have enough time to catch up to u to try and put a block in. I've had one incident where instead of the CB closing me down in time, the SB got himself back and hacked my shot off the line....


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I find the best way (not the easiest though) is to use the running mathews feint. While dribbling towards the keeper press L2, then press down on the right stick, now press up on the left stick while you still have the other buttons/directions held.

You could probably round the keeper quite well with a kick feint too. L2 plus right stick away from the direction of dribble and left stick towards the direction of dribble.