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How do you prevent being Fifa noobed?


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In a game earlier losing 3-1 in the 70th minute and I score after dominating taking it to 3-2. My OP then decides to pass the ball around his defense until the game ended. I could not get the ball back and was just chasing shadows. 2 players on my team running after the ball and the rest of the team never pressed forward making it impossible to get the ball. This is straight up Fifa tactics and comparing my OP's games, he had come from Fifa.

Surely Konami weren't that stupid to put something like this in the game?


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in myclub not possible

One thing you could try is pushing your backline forward which then pushes your whole team forward. You can do it ignore by pressing and holding the digital controller button towards the opponents goal. You will then see a white line on your radar moving up the pitch. This is where your defenders will line up. Hope you understand what I mean.


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someone done this to me when he led 2-1 in the 85th and hes in div5 and im only in div10 as i have only played 15games online but i knew exactly what to do and that is switch curser so you have control of your ss or cf and simply run behind the op player whos on the ball cutting off the keeper while double tapping circle then continue to hold circle (O) (i changed my controller so square is slide and circle is pressure) and you will win the ball back or your op will make a bad pass allowing you to intercept and as described he was playing it along the back i nabbed the ball back cut in on goal and bang 2-2 great draw!