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how soul draining is jim beglin


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i have never heard such a boring. depressing, robotic repetative useless voice like his

his co-commentary is just diabolical

repeating the same annoying things over and over again

everything he says is just so generic and doesnt even feel like it has any relevance

i dont think theres a commentator ive ever hated as much as him



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I love Peter Drury but Jim Beglin is utter horrendous, I hate him so much
Like I score a belter with Costa and Drury shouts "DIEGO COSTAAAAAA" That gets me hyped then Beglin goes in the dullest voice "unbelievable" like wtf man show some excitement
And he repeats the same crap I wish he is dropped for someone better, Imagine Ray Hudson


It is happening again
Yeah he's pretty awful. Does he still say the lame line every time when you're winning 1-0 at the start of the 2nd half (something about "spoiling" it)? Or the line where he uses the word 'any' about 3 times?

On the bright side, at least we no longer have to put up with Lawro.


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I would like Chris Sutton as a replacement to Beglin, so that i can have him call my defending "Horrendous" and to tell me "the job is to big for me"


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I usually have the commentary on for the first couple of weeks and then the repetitiveness gets too annoying and I just turn it off completely. Game's much more fun that way and I actually focus and play better!

Btw, I tried the Portuguese commentary once and it's even worse. They just sound like bad actors reading a script.


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this is the thing
drury sure, he is cheesy and a bit OTT when he shouts COUTINIHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
however, he doesnt have this dull, droney, monotonous, generic tone that beglin has.
beglin`s lines such as ``im delighted to see such a positive approach long may it continue``
or ``one team is doing this and the other is doing that``

its just so bland, so generic so lifeless
and its the same year in year out!


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My problem is they say lines that no real commentator would say.
Have you ever heard anyone say before a game "Im ready to rumble!" or after scoring "More and more and more and more!!"
Im sure there are other examples of crappy lines...


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I don't think Jim Beglin and Peter Drury are the problem, I listen to them in real matches and they are one of the best I've heard, Beglin has pretty good analysis in real matches.

It's just the problem how they record the commentary, they haven't recorded together, all individually! They only added like 10 new lines which were recorded together. Same goes for Jon Champion and Peter Brackley in the old games, everybody said they were bad in the game, whereas in real life they are really good in commentating.

Pes has to make them record together and add new lines/give them more freedom in commentating.

FIFA has Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, in my opinion they are very boring in commentating. The only reason it sounds good in FIFA is because they recorded together.
I know Martin Tyler is legendary, but if you listen to his commentary nowadays, I don't see any emotion.

Great example for me was the Champions League semi and final of 2015, Barca against Bayern. There was no emotion whatsoever in that game, same goes for the final against Juve.


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I know PES is well known for awful commentary but I'm pretty sure this has to be the worst version for it. It's mind numbing.


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"with that goal comes comfort"

I'm not sure how many more times I can handle hearing that

Right? LOL...EA sports has done a decent job with their stuff, but even with as much focus as they've put, even then it still gets repetitive and this is a few notches down, maybe more than a few....with the PES commentary.

I would love to listen to something else, but it kills the immersion...they really need to work on it.


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"More and more and more and more".

How can we change the language, or get some sort of update? It's actually beginning to ruin the game for me.


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the thing is the worst thing is the contrast
drury is (yes repetative), but compared to john champion - a total breath of fresh air, he has so much passion and excitement

then it cuts to beglin, who just has such a boring monotonous voice

he also has this line which drives me crazy its something along the lines of

``im delighted to see such a positive approach and long may it continue``

its something like that

but its just so not the sort of thing that an actual play by play would say