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Howdy from Austin, TX


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Hey Y'all. No....I don't talk like that I'm a Northern Cali Transplant. I was introduced to this beautiful game when I lived in North London for a year. To think I could have been playing FIFA for the rest of my life....nightmare...anyways....nice to find this site. I play on a PS2 with WE8. I'd love to play really sucks not knowing anyone who plays this game. Has anyone in the U.S. (or anywhere for that matter) played WE8 liveware online? I just bought Swap Magic so I can play the Japanese game on my US system. I haven't got the game yet. You think I'll be able to play? If anyone in Austin plays it would be cool to play someone.

My Teams:
Team USA
Team England
Man United
Dont' have a favorite MLS yet, but leaning towards FC Dallas
I love all good Football




The beautiful game

Its good to hear someone in the stats likes "soccer".Any news on Glazers plans :)

Stevie Baby

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Hi there.

How did you like London? Would you say it was a city of lurrve?

By the way if you dont support an English football team I could list you one. Crystal Palace, fucking class. Soon to win the premiership 10 years in a row before we retire for 3 to let everyone else catch up.


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Thanks for all the welcomes...Sorry couldn't support Crystal P. just for the fact of those hideous kits. London's a good place. Weather's shite, but plenty to do...

All this patching info is giving me a headache...where the heck do I start.? I sure would like to get all the kits right on my game (WE8) I've already gone through and manually edited the names and that was about all I could stand to do. Should I get a max drive? My current capabilities are Swap Magic and burning CD's (no DVD's) is that enough to supe up my game?


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i highly suggest you get a DVD Burner if you want to fully patch WE. unless you know how to patch the game then rip if to a CD.

about the max drive. thats a little iffy on your part. if you didn't have Swap Magic i would high recommend you get max drive. but since you do its sort of a iffy.


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welcome iam from texas too and it is a shame that not a lot pf ppl here prefer fifa rather than winning eleven.

well enjoy the site.


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hey kid, good to see another american, did you catch our drubbing of costa rica, we're playing Panama in a WCQ this tuesday, its on at 10pm ur time i belive...on ESPN2


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Thanks for the warm welcomes...

Looking forward to posting goals and living it up one I get WE8LE patched and sorted