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I cant work master league :(


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can someone please help me with master league. i want to be celtic and i want the (2?) leagues which i play in to be full of the best teams. also, should i use default players or not? which do you prefer? and which option decides whether default players are in or not? which do i select? can teams such as for example zenit be put into the ml with me and other big teams like man utd? is it smart to put all the best teams in the one league? What do you guys do??????????

i just want the most enjoyable ml as possible and hence have to get all the potential problems ironed out from the start.



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The most enjoyable ML is with default players in whatever league you want (Eredivise, Premier League, Seria A, Liga BBVA or Bundesliga [when patched]).

With this, Champions League and Europa League will be more realistic such as the league tables.

To select the master league default players, you have the option, when you select : Master League > New game > Exhibition / Master League Defaults / Created Team

Choose "Master League Defaults".

Although it was like this in previous games, it maybe different as I do not have a copy of the game... Only in December... playing it January... :crymore: