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I finally bought PES 2012. Best. Game. Ever.


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I think you guys are looking at individuality from a totally different perspective. As the game plays now, Iniesta can make tight turns in virtually no space, the same can be said for Miccoli and they are both great dribblers. If you play with regular form so as to decrease the number of variables, you will notice distinct differences. Despite Miccoli being a class player, he cannot make a pass like Iniesta. Worse still, use his wrong foot and you'll probably be wondering why he was ustoppable a second ago but now he is mentally retarded.

There are a lot of factors that affect how a player behaves. I'm by no means saying that you guys don't know how to play. If anything, you probably know better than I do. Individuality is there in abundance, the animations are the same, but the time factor and consistency in reproducing a certain action vary. So Mikel and Iniesta trap the ball in the same manner, but the time iniesta takes to bring the ball under control is much quicker. If under pressure, however, Mikel will fare better and has more control when a strong player is challenging him for the ball. Some players like Torje can use both feet, whilst a player like Valencia are practically one footed.

I see where you guys are coming from, but I honestly think what you're asking for is a long way off. You're not wrong for wanting that, and I would also like to see every player reflect his real life counterpart, but it's just too much to ask at the moment. They need to get the basic core right, limit what they do but focus and complete it properly. Konami always trip up because, i believe, they push it to far and while good intentioned, the result is a game where everything is not quite right.

With that said though, I'll be playing PES whatever they serve up bevause they have the right idea. I've tried playing Fifa, and can say with confidence that I'd sooner stop playing footy games altogether rather than subject myself to that experience. I just don't like it and don't find any enjoyment out of playing that game. I am not saying PES is better no, Fifa may very well be the better game, but I just enjoy playing PES more...