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i hate van der (speed) mirch (ant)


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ah thought so...probably maybe him in order to destroy pes online gameplay since out of last 100 games i think i played versus him as CF in 80...and huge majority of those was just a waste of time, no pleasure whatsoever in playing the good fun games...

Also figures why none reply to the thread with so many views...probably all the people play with him lol...

Any idea how to defend against that? Deep defansive line and lower attack support doesnt change a thing in tactics, in the second half he still outruns everyone and has always empty space with those 60meter through passes lol...

And my defence is Perea, Micah Richards, Spahic, Nkulou and Mascherano as MDF, so thats kind of ridiculous...


It is happening again
[MENTION=220869]vitezkoja[/MENTION] - since there was already a thread on Van der Mirch, I'm merged your thread with it.


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I have played close to 150 MLO games and only 2 or 3 are not coach mode lol. I met Van Der Mich and the lobbed threw balls did the trick lol, I was leading in two different games and lost both 3-1. After the first half it gets really tiring to defend against through balls, when I was playing FIFA 11 users also suggested switching to manual, I normally mess up the special controls and manual control button anyways, I might just as well try it lol


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agree with most

People complain how you play Eto'o and Martins as sole strikers upfront but you pay a salary of 150k plus per 10 matches for these 2 players.also Martins doesn't have the height,body strength advantage of van der mirch....

I don't think it is fair that you can buy the most played and game exploiting striker for 1.5 million euros with a 10 matches wages @ 50k

I don't think it's the fault of the guys using the players it's Konami's fault for putting the players there. Why have Konami added VDM into the game at all, what purpose is there to make up players at all? And guys complaining about speed merchants is the same, are Arsenal cheating by giving the ball to Walcott and letting him run really fast? Again, it's just a different ways to play the game, none is right or wrong.
Also why does their price not shoot up higher as more people buy them, this would also stop everyone have him, I thought this was the point of the new system and why some players can't be bought at times due to the trading restrictions?

It really isn't right that VDM is a better strilker than guys worth £20mill..