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Ideas Compilation Post.


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My second request:
Please Konami bring back the International League mode just like in PES 2008, was great, you could play it with national teams and you could check all the scores from the other matches.
And also PLEASE, like in PES 2008, let the lop-sided victories happen (in simulated matches, when the compter plays agains itself) for example if Germany plays against Siria or Kuwait, Germany could/should win 8-0, 9-0 or 10-0 or 10-1, etc, that would happen in real life, PLEASE allow this to happen again just like in PES 2008.
Thanks in advance.


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Bring back traditional 2 vs 2 modes goddammit!

Like 2 vs CPU
3 vs CPU
4 vs CPU
2 vs 2
2 vs 1


What was the point of removing that?! We liked to gather together our efforts and get our asses handed over by a CPU team and now we cant even play together, only with this crappy fixed cursor settings... What gives?!


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Great list trevi.. I do believe most of my points were made but just in case

Tackiling /fouls is fundementally wrong recieve 2 yellow cards for 2 soft tackles??...that is wrong! Also if you make contact with the ball FIRST and then the player ..It should NOT be a foul!!! regardless of wheteh your sliding or not..

Manager profiles for every team so that whenever the team plays whether it is in exhibition or compettitive leage etc the created teams manager can be seen in the cut scenes...Also an achievements list for every team, this should be like the oeverall acheivements list which the game has currently but for every team, similarly yoy should be able to have unlimited profiles/manager creation for human players with a similar list of acheivemnts

Modern chants for all teams in all the major leagues, which I think has already been asked for

In football Life/master leage can we please get rid off this unrealistic childish system of purchasing items and winning boots etc , and get back to player interraction as it was in pes 2012...this sytem worked well.. and should be enhanced..the new idea is a complete abomination!!


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the most worst is that there are players like van der mirch. in mlo everybody buy them because heś at fast as ronaldo but cost like nothing. than they play a long ball to him. he run to fast for all players and than goal. please pes, edit this bug. please edit the player skills. it could not be that van der mirch, martins, and all the other fast attacker are more interesting as player like, falcao, huntelaar or someone else. there are also threads about this just fast players and thats the reason why pes 2013 sucks....

so please update the skills!!!!


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it could not be that a striker just have to be fast. that makes pes so bad that i don like to play it again sry :-/


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van der mirch, mphela, martins, AGBONLAHOR, walcott, dotan, ..... all players with a unrealistic speed and so, they are the most important players in MLO. so please do something pes!!!! please please pleasse


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van der mirch sucks so much that i don t like to play pes again. itś so unrealistic. in mlo. the most important player are just fast players. the other statistics doesn t matter. van der mirch, mphela, martins, walcott, agdelabour ...... that sucks. please pes. edit the skills of these players. or edit the speed engine. it could not be that a player like van der mirch is better in mlo as a huntelaar or a benzema.

you destroy the game with this players.

i like to play with, holtby, kroos, falcao and co, so please. edit the players. it will be much more better if you just take the player skills from fifa. 2013. but the skills of fifa 13 are so bad.....

some examples?


DOTAN? VAN DER MIRCH? MIYAICHI?...... These players are as fast as ronaldo hahaha what a bad joke....

or other overskilled players,

ARMERO? WHO? Heś a better defender as vidic or kompany? WTF

lennon, 87???? WHAT

Martins, SPEED 97???? WHAT===???????
AGBONLAHOR, Speed 97 WHAT==????
WALCOTT ALso??? THat sucks so much

if you want to get a good team. you just have to buy these players. because they are fast. thats so BAD.....


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The time is come.

Play the game since ISS Pro 98.
All the potential is in it, but they fail to exploit it.
Indeed, it underwent an involution in recent years.

It's time to re-write the "core":
• AI
• Tactics
• Free kicks/Corners/Throw-ins
• Stats
• Graphic & Audio


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Attack -> ATK Awareness
Defence -> DEF Awareness

Short-pass accuracy
Short-pass speed
Long-pass accuracy
Long-pass speed

NEW STATs: Pass accuracy+Pass speed
NEW SPECIAL ABILITIES: Assist★, Long pass★

Dribble accuracy

Header accuracy

Place kicking

Ball control

Weak foot accuracy
Weak foot usage

Explosive power

NEW STAT: Explosiveness (never seen a agile-unresponsive/responsive-non agile player)

Top speed
Dribble speed (Better to use a combination of Speed and Dribble accuracy:
High Speed + High Dribble acc. = High Dribble speed
High Speed + Low Dribble acc. = Low Dribble speed or High risk to lose ball)

Body balance

Kicking power
Shot accuracy

Goal keeping skills




Creativity (Messi, C. Ronaldo)
Dirtiness (Joey Barton)


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Hi Konami,

I'm so pissed of just playing again Van der Mirch or Martins in MLO. It could not be that these players are so fast and better als huntelaar benzema and co. bad bad bad konami.


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Dear KONAMI Staff

Um, well, first of all, hi. I hope you can read this.

I've been playing WE/PES since I was 7 years old, I have to say that it's my favorite soccer game ever, and I've seen the evolution of your games (I still remember World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002)

What do I like about this game? Lots of things, such as editing, Become a Legend, etc. Plus, gameplay gets better every next game, but there's so much to work on. For example I suggest:

1.- That sound when a player kicks a ball is almost annoying, I believe it is unnecesary
2.- Referee AI. It would be nice if the main referee and line judges could make mistakes, that would add so much realism to every kind of matches
3.- GK AI. I must admit I was amazed when I played PES 2013 demo and notice that goalies changed a lot compared to some other past editions, but I guess you could add new motion captures to goalkeepers
4.- Player ID. I just loved Player ID, I mean, it feels like you are controlling the one and only Messi, Zlatan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chicharito, Neymar, etc. You sure made an excellent job there, if only you could add more, and more ID's.....


LEAGUES: I know it is very difficult to get new licensed leagues because certain game franchise does not want to let them go, so please, put more leagues, I wish I could see my national league (Mexican league) someday fully licensed on PES, and why not some other Latin American leagues such as Argentinean league, some other European leagues like German Bundesliga, and the rest of leagues included in your last game fully licensed (Spanish La Liga was very spectacular, all stadiums and gorgeous kits).


Well, since I read South Korea and Netherlands would not be fully licensed for PES 2013 I started to worry about this issue, so please, do whatever it takes to bring more national teams licensed do this awesome game


All stadiums look great, all I can say about this is that there should be more stadiums


I like the way you can edit in the game, but there are some hollow parts, like the number of layers when you edit a team, I mean, sometimes 4 layers are not enough to create a shirt, as well as 3 layers for shorts and 2 for socks, I think this area of editing mode should be wider. Besides, another area that should be wider is the logo insertion one, PES 2013 only have enough space for 50 or 55 logos, I think it could be a great idea if next games had space for 60 or 70 logos for leagues

That's all, thanks.


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Dear KONAMI Team,

I've been playing PES since 2005.This year i bought FIFA and PES, 'cause almost every friend of my is playing FIFA, but to be honest, after all the great memories with PES, I can't just leave PES anymore. But there are some things that are really annoying and I hope you can fix this and take some suggestions I made.

Bugs, Mistakes etc.

- If the attacking team is playing a ball to a striker, sometimes the defense player just let the ball tru. Or is making a step forward, so I lost my speed and the striker is 1vs1 with the keeper. I'' uploaded 3 videos so you can understand the problem better.

- The goalkeeper is always laying down if he want to pick up the ball from the ground. This move is taking a lot of time, and sometimes making bugs:

- The next problem is known from the previous versions. The ball is just going trough the legs, arms or of his body. I hope you can fix this, too. Cause to be honest it has nothing to do with realistic football.

- I'll will call the next problem as "Auto-Run" bug. Because sometimes the player is just running to the ball, even you are moving him in another direction. This makes the result that you are crashing with your own team and lose the ball.

Master League

- This black boots are a nice idea, but they should just be just a additional part of Master League, because 90% of the PES Players in Europe want a realistic game.
- Changing teams as a coach
- These video sequences are really nice, but after the time, it's just annoying.
- Some stuff with the media, like articles about your team in the newspaper (like in fifa) would be great

Be A Legend

- Like in Master League the video sequences with your manager are really annoying.
- Would be great if you can make interviews after the game for example.

Edit Mode

- more licensed teams and leagues!!!
- more free slots for leagues, teams and players (just give look at the EDIT section, there are a lot of leagues created. Why not giving us the chance to include them all into our game).
- additional 3rd kits would be great
- please remove this limit of adding 51 emblems. (additional emblems could be saved in the PS3 HDD and not in the EDIT file for example)
- the stadium editor should have more templates and more opportunities to create an stadium.


- snow in stadiums!
- more action in the sideline (players warming up)
- i hate those fans in the stadium who are wearing a yellow,blue,white striped t-shirt. Just remove this and add a basic color like white or black.
- fans in the stadium should be wear the away kits of their teams (i'm seeing just home kits in the stadium)
- There could be some extra security guards in the section of the guest fans.
- The stadium audience is sometimes very monotone. Some special effect sounds would be great.
- After a goal the crowd is too quite. We should hear a big "Gooal" scream like in your trailer


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The most worst of pes 2013 are the player-values. I would like to play with current values but in Pes 2013 there are so much old player-values or just crazy values. So i make a list:


Maicon 94
Armero 93
Handanovic 92
Terry 90
Chiellini 90
Valdes 89
Modric 89
Lucio 88
Krasic 88
Arteta 88
Clichy 87
Deco 87
Navas 87
Lennon 87
Filipe 87
Moutinho 87
Gönül 87
Adriano 87
Gaitin 86
Pizarro 86
Vermaelen 87
Viviano 86
Nagatomo 86
Bosingwa 86
Gallas 86
Martins 79

Falcao 80
Gomez 77
Alba 79
Moura 76
Müller 76
Mandzukic 76
Alaba 79

Van der Mirch


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Fix the judges,because they let opposite team fouls me the whole game and do nothing about it.

Also they suck at deciding when its offside and when its not..


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1. Attributes Seriously its time a whole new set of attributes were added, especially in relation to keepers and defending. Seriously its a joke how lazy Konami is. I've been playing whatever version since 2001 and there has been no improvements to keepers really. Why is such a big deal for Konami :no: They just refuse to put real model gloves in the game for some reason. Instead we have been stuck with those novelty gloves for years. That was ok back in 2003 but not now. Its bad form tbh. Where is the 'shot stopping', 'coming for crosses' stats for keepers? You play a through ball in the game and every single last keeper turns into Usain Bolt, racing up to sweep the ball out of play. All I have to do is press triangle and the situation is dealt with. There's no penalty for making risky decisions. When it comes to the A.I the goalkeepers anticipation/speed should dictate whether he wins a race with Ronaldo whose been set clear with an over the top through ball.
There is no TACKLING stat in the game, that just says it all.

Less automation-The A.I is far too automatic in its movements. I wanna be playing against Barca and see them purposefully pass the ball around with intent as oppsed to just going direct all the time.

Speed-Sort it out ffs. Its not hard to make a game a simulation but allow players who are fast outpace slow players. The slow player(a defender for instance) should have to rely on other attributes which itnerestingly are not in the game in order to stiffle a fast attack.

Counter-Attacking in the game is absolutely terrible. I think I have the same sequence nearly everytime. It always ends with the final through ball being hit far too wide. That would be ok once or twice if I was playing as some middling league side, but this pass is coming from Xavi. I'm looking for a simple SLIDE RULE PASS OK!

Chipping the ball in the game looks stupid. A chip is meant to be a deft little kick, in the game the players basically scoop it up off the ground. It doesn't look good or how it should.

ALLOW me bring my keeper up for a corner when I want. Why do you take stuff like this out of the game?

Improve Penalties and free kick animation. Penalties aren't actually too bad in tournament mode tbh. Definite improvement but yeah just copy what FIFA does(apply this for goalkeepers as well) The free kick animation looks far too robotic.

Animations-LAZY LAZY LAZY Konami. 4 dribbling styles? FFS, I wouldn't mind but they just refuse to expand on existing stuff, and instead choose to take stuff away.
Some stuff just looks absolutely stupid. Players having full force volleys when the ball is played behind them. The players motions defying the laws of physics and not in a Zlatan Ibrahimovic way but in a literal way.

TAKE OUT THOSE STUPID PLAYER INDEX NAMES. They make no sense WTF is a flip flap skill you idiots!

Seriously its so annoying with this game. Its like they get feedback but its in relation to online or something. Then they kinda improved goalkeepers last year so I bet they just don't bother this year with them.

When playing against the AI at the moment its too easy for them to defend. They shouldn't be able to just lazily stick out a leg and intercept a pass.


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KONAMI PLEASE bring back the "League Mode"(OFFline of course) in a similar format to that one in PES 2008, it had great features such as viewing every result of every game played in the league, top scorers, leaders in assists, number of yellow cards and red cards.
Another thing let "the Lop-Sided" victories happen when the cpu plays against the cpu in the league or cup or a friendly (e.g. Germany beats easily Jordan 9-0 or 8-1, 10-2, etc.) This happens in real life quite often, so if the game wants to ressemble reality these kind of things should happen in the game.

I really hope you can include this in PES 2014, Thanks in advance.


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Also, simplify a multiplayer two legged Exhibition Game.
At the moment I have to use Konami Cup, knockout, home and away. But the away leg messes up the multiplayer where friends can only Pause the game or adjust tactics.

And allow the Classic Teams to participate in the Cup Competitions.


A difficulty mode where the AI is unshackled but also unaffected by individual stat boosts beyond form arrows.

Form arrow impact should be much less and shouldn't affect every ability. Accuracy abilities, Tenacity and Teamwork is enough.

Remove childish effects such as ability boosts from items, boots and such. Quasi RPG elements doesn't fit the game at all. "Magic boots +5" belongs in Zelda. In any case, if such elements were to stay, why not "Magic Gloves of the ultimate GK +5" ?

Core game speed should not vary at all, the only thing affecting the pace of the game should be the players on the fields individual abilities. Higher pace, passing speed, teamwork (++) would increase the pace because the players does stuff faster. The core game speed should stay static. In pes2013 (++) the game speed in BAL once your player has a single ability at 95 or above, including form arrow boost, is quadrupled. There are similar effects in ML mode, I just haven't pinpointed the exact reason, but I suspect the abilities are a factor here too. Anyway, that means that playing at -2 speed setting in many cases are faster than +2 in Exhibition mode, and messing with the speed settings also have huge negative effects on physics and what not. Clean up the code, make it simpler and you have a winner.

More leagues and divisions, I mean there's no real argument to go against this. It's piss easy to implement, fill it with generic players who could be named "Player X" and replace "X" by increasing numbers for that matter. Most PES players have already dealt with the fact that licenses are lacking anyway. Semi licensed is not really better than none at all to be honest. No licenses would aslo free up money to invest in technical part of the game which needs love more than anything.

More naturalistic models, and correct height to model ratio. The difference between 180cm and 181cm is huge in this game, in reality you couldn't pick one from the other visually.

Better AI managers. I'm so tired of playing a lone striker at 170cm with a Long Ball strategy. NOBODY would do that, NOBODY!


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1. BAL at the start of career possibility to choose team.
2. Transfers in BAL based on your results, not ability.
3. BAL direct selection of ability and cards. Anyway I reach what I want in numerous iterations when random ability generated - it's just silly.
4. BAL tactics change before the game.
5. BAL possibility to influence on tactics and starting 11 when reputation growth.
6. BAL possibility to influence on your club transfers when reputation growth.
7. BAL money - what for? Buy boots and skill cards for money, not for GP.
8. BAL ask change shirt number with your teammate.
9. International games - I want to hear my country anthem as well.
10. BAL and ML - possibility to become a coach after career ends in BAL.