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If you could only attend one football match ever...


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1999 Champions Semi-Final in Turin, 2-0 down to go and win 3-2. Chose it over the final as we looked down and out after just 10 minutes, and cameback throughout the game, whereas the final was just a one-minute wonder scene at the end.


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Nigeria vs Brazil..1996 Olympic Games Semi-Finals...Brazil Leading 3 -1 into the second half...and then, KANU STRUCK A HATRICK and from a losing position, we won the match 4 -3 with Kanu scoring in the last minute...went on to win the finals 3 - 2..proudest moment as a Nigerian fan beating a brazil team that had certain big name players

Zé María
Flávio Conceição
Roberto Carlos
André Luiz
Zé Elias
Marcelinho Paulista

Ronaldo Guiaro

Chuck Morris

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Everton 3 Bayern Munich 1
European Cup Winners Cup Semi Final - 2nd Leg.
24th April 1985

Managers and players will tell you that winning a Semi-Final of any Competition can be more exciting than the Final itself, and that was surely the case when Everton met Bayern Munich in the European Cup Winners’ Cup at Goodison Park back in April 1985.

Trailing 1-0 at half time ( after a 0-0 1st leg in Munich ), Everton faced their biggest test of a memorable season against one of Germany’s best, but with some inspirational words from Manager Howard Kendall and a display of dazzling football, they gave all Evertonians a night to remember.

The crowd inside Goodison Park that night was vociferous in the extreme, promoting Howard Kendall to tell his players in the dressing room at half time - “just get the ball forward and the Gwladys street will suck the goals in.” And how right he was as the blues scored three in a special second half performance and Everton marched onto the final in Holland.


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2004 Champions League, Second Round, Second Leg.

Stamford Bridge

Chelsea vs Barcelona.

We went in the match losing 2-1 on aggregate. Had the best start ever, by scoring 3 goals in 17 minutes. It looked like we was going through. Then Ronaldinho weaved his magic and scored 2 goals and we was going out. Barca dominate early parts of the second half and should have killed the game. Lampard shoots, Valdes saves. Corner taken and Terry jumps up and heads the ball in the back of the net while Carvalho holds Valdes back.We with stand some pressure from Barca again and eventually go through.


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Arsenal 5-1 Inter Milan. We got thrashed 3-0 at Highbury and I was expecting the worse at San Siro. The rest is history.


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Argyle vs Darlington Play off Final at Wembley in 1996 I was there but for the occassion and venue I have been only once and I loved that day more than any other.

Argyle vs QPR 2002 The game that sealed the Championship we won 2-0 and I missed this due to work :crymore:

I'd rather see my club win little shite play off finals than see England win the WC. I mean live wise


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Inter 1-5 Arsenal. Arguably our best ever performance in Europe.

At present, seeing Arsenal - Chelsea at Emirates should be very interesting.


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It would have to be Fenerbahçe vs Galatasaray in the 2002-2003 season where Fenerbahçe won 6-0.


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LosGalacticos said:
i have two
1967 European Cup Final, united demolish benfica 4-1
and the semi final leg of that same cup, where madrid was 3-1 up and
then lost 4-3

obviously theres the the treble season btu that would be too easy

Singh said:
1967 European Cup Final or the final at the nou camp.

Er United won it in 1968. Shame on you two. Celtic was 1967.

Personally I'd like to have been at every CL match United played in the 1998/99 season. Absolutely amazing games, especially the Barcelona games, and Juventus comeback. Obviously the final, but then we played crap in the final. I'll always remember Henning Berg's heroics in the Inter games.


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Either 5-0 at home against Man U or the last time we won something :crymore:, the 1969 fairs cup final, either leg would do.

Stella Artois

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Arsenal 1 Parma 0. Alan Smith you beauty!

I doubt many people remember that game (Gunners fans or not) but in terms of achievements that ranks highly for me.

It is also my first real memory of Arsenal.

Sweey said:
2003 European Cup Final

So you can fall asleep a bit easier at nights?