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importing kits to ps3 :/


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if anyone would be kind enough to explain how i can import the kits to my ps3... i have an option file and i know how to import it, but there is the new barcelona kit and I want it badly but I am a noob when it comes to this stuff! I want only this one kit (and others in the future) but i cant figure it out... i spent 2 hours going through the whole forum and couldnt find the answer (maybe im blind or just too stupid to find it lol) so im pretty pissed... a download link for the new barca kit (if it is a good one) would be helpful too :)! thank you in advance :)


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Just save the image (png) on a usb pen and go to the 'images' menu on your ps3. Then, press triangle and choose 'exhibit all' or something like that (i'm portuguese so my ps3 is in portuguese). Then press triangle on the image you want and choose copy. Go back and enter the game. Go to edit, teams, go to the team you want the kit to and upload the image.
Barça kit 2010/2011

Credits to vixon


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im sorry if im boring you but i cant see an option that prompts me to upload the (or anything else) image... i cant see that option... is it even possible for me to change the barcelona kit?


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so what? i would have to edit an unlicensed team?i would give it a go but i cant even upload the image (it doesnt give me that option, only for emblems) on the bundesliga and npower championship teams (i have a patch) so im kinda stuck :/


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It is really annoying that it is not possible to edit licensed teams...especially barcelona home and away uniforms are too close...makes you suffer when you play barca vs barca


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Step by step kit installation guide (PS3)

1. Download the PNG('s) you want to use
2. Transfer you PNG('s) to a USB-device
3. Connect the USB-device to your PS3
4. Go to Photo in PS3 menu and select your USB-device
5. Hit triangle and select the option show all
6. Find your PNG('s) and copy it to your PS3
7. Start up PES 2012
8. Go to Edit mode and select teams
9. Find the team you want to edit and select strip
10.Choose Outfielders 1st (home) Outfielders 2nd (away) or Goalkeeper
11.Here you can put in the formula
12.Go to Markings and set emblem OFF
13.No go to Chest Logo and select Import data
14.Find the PNG you copied and (if no adjustments are needed) hit X to place it on the kit
15.Play wth your newly created kit!