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improve reaction time on games


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I am sure some of you like me are part of the older generation of PES players and these young kids online are too fast for us so I have delevoped my own methods to keep myself sharp and thought id share them with you they have improved my record online no end

1- leave your mobile phone somewhere further away at all times and when it rings try and get there before the third tone if you manage it try improve and get there by the second ring im currently able to get there in time to answer it before it even rings now

2-low carb diet and plenty of sugar treats these kids online are full of energy drinks and chocolates you wont beat them after you sit down with a belly full of shepards pie so stock up on galaxy bars and haribos this will increase your heart rate and alertness keeping you on edge and sharp

3-train your ears to filter out any noise that is not PES relevant distractions such as a crying baby or a nagging wife or the doorbell going will break your concentration think only of the sound coming through the screen at all times this one took me a while to perfect although i never completed the training required because my wife left me for playing games too much and ignoring her so i no longer need to do this as my house is empty

4-treat everything like a competition at all times! these kids will lag you hack you anything to get a win you must be the same make it a habit so it comes naturally to you cut ppl up on the road, using a urinal next to someone? finish before them or sat next to someone in a restaurant ? order something more expensive than them

5-do not try and control your anger let it consume you place your console next to a solid wall that you can punch and dont worry if the wall is connected to a neighbours house once they hear how hard you punch it and screaming in pure hell and rage they will be too terrified to complain

so there you have it stick to these tips and you will find yourself becoming a master ill see you out there on the pitch


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Don't just play a game and expect to improve your reaction time based on that alone. Try to do 30 minutes of concentrated reaction time practice each day. Don't hyperfocus on reaction time alone, it is important to focus on your precision as well. Keep your hands warm at all times.
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