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Incorrect Line Calls


It is happening again
I meant to make a thread about this the other week.

Has anyone else noticed that, if the ball comes off an opposition player, and your player touches the ball just as it's gone out of play (ie the ball has crossed the line), the decision will often go in favour of the opposition? I've been noticing this quite a bit this year, and in previous games too! It's an annoying bug.

It recently came to light when I had a deflected shot the other day (after a break of about 3 weeks from PES, I only managed 3 games before getting pissed off again! :lol: ), as the ball was going out of play for a corner, my player tries to keep it in. He makes contact with the ball AFTER it went out of play, and a goal kick was given. Now, I know refs/linesmen make mistakes in real life, but the game isn't intelligent enough to implement this

If I get around to it, I'll post a screenshot. But it's certainly not the first time I've noticed it. Rather it was the only time I actually bothered to view the replay in slow motion after.


Not noticed it myself, but it would be annoying if it was every time. I still wish they would bring back the random incorrect offsides that were in the older games.


It is happening again
Here's what I mean:

The animation seems to start before the ball goes out of play:

The player actually makes physical contact with the ball when it's well over the line:

The result was a goal kick, when it should've been a corner. I've also seen it occur when a player goes to control the ball with his chest, but does so just after the ball has gone over the line, yet the game seems to think the touch was when the ball was still active.