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It's time to come out of the closet....


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Yes, it's true. I am 'gay' as some of you may call it, but I think homosexual is a politer term and if you must, refer to me as that. I wanted to confide in the forum, as it's a rather delicate subject to me, and as I have yet to tell my family or friends, I thought it best to begin here, behind closed doors so to speak, and with the knowledge most of you will be encouraging and will help me through this hard time.

So I ask for advice. I was hoping that anyone else who is/has been in my situation, could give me the strength to speak out openly to my nearest and dearest. Now you don't have to reply in this thread, in case you shy just as I have been, just a simple PM will do, and hopefully you could give me tips and/or accounts on how you have coped. I promise I will never openly share your comments as I am not that cold-hearted and do not deem it necessary nor acceptable.

I know this may seen very strange to yous, as I never speak in such a formal tone (except in English exams and the like) but as I've said, it is a delicate matter to me. I have previously openly joked about such a thing, and I am deeply sorry to those whom I may have offended. I would not like to discuss to how I 'came to terms with my sexuality' at this point in time, but would just like words of wisdom. Thanks for the support guys. :)


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Congrats on the first step out of the closet, just try not to stare at my ass :tongue:

Only joking Haribo.


The beautiful game
Well done.

First step is admitting you are gay.

This was out of the blue:erm:


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It's just like Trisha but joking aside mate what you choose to do in your private life is none of my concern and I couldnt care if you were gay or straight a decent person is a decent person regardless of sexuality. I dont mean to stereotype now but a homosexual who likes football is also rare, would you like me to explain the offside rule.


I don't know what to say. I really couldn't care if you're gay or straight, and I mean that in a good way. I've always thought you were a decent bloke, and this doesn't change anything.

When did you realise you were homosexual?
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Well that's Haribo and adams (for those that rememeber him!). Anyone else here a member of this exclusive club? :)


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So this isn't a joke?

You can fuck right off your telling the truth Andy, stop doing what you always do to me winding me up thats why i never speak to you on msn. How gutted you must feel of winding me up hey?


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Admit it to your parents? Christ, they'll dis-own you for fucks sake! Are you absolutely nuts?

Could be worse youth... well not really. Your life is fucked now, being frank.


115 and Counting...
I used to think you were a good poster but it seems you are no better than the Poffeman's of this world. Gays are a cancer on our society as I'm sure BarnDoor could tell you. If it were up to me people like you should be shot and sent off a cliff. Why the fuck would you want to be gay? I thought you were a joker about these thing but obviously all you ever wanted is to crave attention from others. You can call me a "homophobe" if you want but I think its people like you that are ruining our society and making our whole culture more acceptable to homosexuals like you. Have you never shagged a woman before mate? Its fun for fucks sake, how you can sit there and wank over a creature of the same species is just immoral and completely wrong.

EDIT: Just realised I used the word "mate", you don't fucking deserve that and if you come onto me you will have hell to pay.