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It's time to come out of the closet....


I drink your Milkshake
It was a kind of double bluff thread. Haribo is gay but he knew this would sort of fool a few into thinking it was all an elaborate ploy. So by saying he is gay he then knew the others thought it was a joke so he went along with it to clear his name. The old double bluff is a favourite of many.

Cannon ball

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so is Haribo gay or not?

Nobody knows, not even he knows himself.:ninja:

It will forever remain a mystery, there will be conspiracies and speculation about his sexuality in years to come.

Maybe he is neither gay, bi or straight, maybe he is some hybrid monstrosity. An experiment gone wrong.


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I feel this is a joke...look at his avatar. (j/k)

Like some other people said i dont care what you are.

Just dont ever touch me or talk and dress like a women...gross...kinda gross...alright its hot. :huh:

Haribo, i love you babe.


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Spanners, the lot of yer.