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JubbaChainsaw's Classic PES Kits


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Arsenal 02 (home)

Arsenal 03 (away)



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Thank You , now i can muck around and find which will work for home kit thank you
Have you Got GK


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Bayern München 95 (home, away)

Bayern München 96 (third (update))

Bayern München 98 (goalkeeper)

Bayern München 2000 (home, third)

Manchester United 95 (third)


Rosco Fuyego

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Could you make the Arsenal 05-06 home kit, but then with Fly Emirates as sponsor instead of O2?

Also, can anyone make the 2002 Brazil kit?

Away too please, but then the white lines replaced by yellow lines.

And a GK-version of the same kit, green with yellow lines. A template with only the yellow lines would be good too, then i can make the kit blue [or green] in edit mode itself. Thanks in advance.


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a while back someone made me the mooroolbark college kits and emblem i was wondering if you could make some changes to them for me please


with this logo can you please just fill in white inside the logo where it is blank. (is see thru in PES 2011, so if you could fill in white for me, would be great)


the logo on this kit is a little diff to the real logo
the writing of "mooroolbark college" is green like the trees.
and the black outline/border thing is blue like the hills.

These are Classic kits as such
We are having a school soccer reunion, we are all come'n back to play a one off match. as it has been a while since school ended
and id love to make all the ppl who played and then we could play PES as us, would be so funny.


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an made all classic team kit in pes 2011 in world cup 98 kits
I need Germany , Brazil , Italy , England kits " 1st , 2nd & GK "
& Holland Gk kit
all them in world cup 98 please ...

this pics for help



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Made by ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14]

England 1998: red(1) 22/2/2 - red(2) 18/2/2 - light green/yellow 29/27/12
/ ----- HOME ------ / ----- AWAY ------ / ------- GK ------- / ------ GK 2 ------ /

Made by Mike1Zero

Germany 1998:
/ ----- HOME ------ / ----- AWAY ------ / ------- GK ------- /

Made by Santi Argento

Netherlands 1998:
/ ----- HOME ------ / ----- AWAY ------ /



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Leeds United 2002 (home, away)

Arsenal 2002 (away)

AC Milan 96 (away)

FC Barcelona 95 (gk)