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[KITS] Peda69's Classic kits 3.0 (No Requests Until Further Notice)


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Karlsruhe 96 (home, away)



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Some undone kits

Hi, would you make these kits for me please because I'm not sure they're on the forum...
- the 3 Italy '94 kits

- the gk Holland '94 kit

- the England '66 kit (1 for the 3)

you can make a simple transparent png with only the england emblem

- eventually the away Holland '88 kit
same as the orange in light blue

Thanks and well done for your work!


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Excellent work Peda!

Hey, could you take a crack at the 1996 Boca Jrs Kits? but if possible, with only the middle line in color, leave the blue transparent so the color can match in the game. Home and GK can be the same PNG if this is the case

Thanks, champ!


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Hey Peda, big admirer of your work, not really been a forumer as all my wants have been found by you guys on here.

Got a little request if you can, apologies if this is already done somewhere, I did check but could only find the Napoli shirt from an earlier era.

It's the Napoli kits from 1990 'Mars Sponsor' era, I have some pics I'll try to upload here, sorry if it doesn't link properly, if it fails I'll retry. Cheers if you can, if you can't it's all good.


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Hi Peda69 it's my first post on the site :blush:

I am hoping for some help in making some classic kits. I'm looking for National Team kits from the 50's, 60's or 70's. The very basic kits, no need for the nike or unmro etc logos ... just the shirt and emblem.

I am hopefully going to make the extra 2 leagues into classic countries. Now we have the Konami cup option again a World cup consisting of the best of classics and the best of today is something I can't wait to play.

I found a couple of sites for the stats but any advice would be greatly appreciated ;) (especially on kits and face builds)

Here is a link to a good site with lots of retro kits.

and here is an idea of the sort of retro Cameroon kit that I'm after.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you may have.


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Peda, I've been searching all over these forums for the last two days and I am having a problem finding some kits I hope you can help mate.
1996 Wimbledon kit
1999 Man U Kit
2001 England and Greece Kits
2003 Real Betis Kit
2007 LA Galaxy & Chelsea Kits
2009 AC Milan Kit

I can get you pics if you need them. Thank you


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hi peda69 long time bro can you make this one

peda please can you make this one from alianza lima peru year 2000 2001 thank you in advance