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Konami unveils first PES 2009 club update


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i emailed konami and this is what they told me;

Dear customer,

Thank you very much for contacting the Konami customer support team.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has confirmed the content of its latest free

download for PES 2009 for PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360 and PC-DVD.

Due for download at the end of February, the update will bring all club sides'

rosters in line with all the moves and transfers made before the end of the
January 2009 transfer window. Hundreds of players have been updated and
corrected in line with their moves, with approximately 200 new players added
to the game for the first time. The stats of thousands of players have also
been refined, in line with their performances so far this season.

The download demonstrates Konami's commitment to continually updating PES
2009, with further exciting downloadable content set for release in the coming



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sorry but pes since 2007 has been absolutely pathetic i hate to say but its the truth u you can kid urself on and say pes is good but what matters most on next gen consoles is online and online on pes is just laughable its so bad


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i bought fifa 09 for my son on ps3, he tried to convince me it was amazing, i played it for an hour or so.
i then popped pes2009 back in and it blew me away! i have been playing iss/pro since the snes days, and i know what im talking about.

if you ever want to doubt pes again, spend an hour or so playing fifa. i guarantee its nowhere near as good. the people that prefer fifa either like it for the correct kits,the presentation or the fact they havent played real football before.its not for the gameplay!



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Pes Is Great. I Do Love It For Its Artistic Game Play, Deep Stats Of Each Players But We All Know It Can Be Even Better...
For Example The First Touch Seems To Bee Most Of The Times Too Good And The Ball Itself Dont Bounce Off As In Real Life. Also Not All Players Are As Fast In Real Life As They Are In The Game Especially Defenders. Its Almost Impossible To Score From A Free Kick And After The Player Has Took His Shot He Just Stands There Like A Dummy. Massive Thumbs Up For Konami For The 1.30 Update That Was A Revolutionary Thing For Me As A Pes Fan :) Big Thank You. Im Hoping That The Pes10 Will Be Great ...god Bless You


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You sure like PES!! Hahahah. Good to have people like you who stands up for Pes even when the others likes Fifa. I will Hate Fifa forever!!


New Member
Hi. I´ve got a question: when and where will be the new update for pes 09 published? And one more question: where can I find those symbols for the football clubs like arsenal or real madrid and can they even be downloaded?
I hope anybody will answer my questions soon. It would be good if you answer me by sending me an email at [email protected]
Thanks guys! Bye Ricky


New Member
I suppose people who manually edit kits then download this update will have to start from scratch?

at least Konami will be doing updates for free... if this one is November no doubt the next will be after the January transfer window.
I accept with information: it will stop complains of many people and Pes fans can now defend PES 2009 better against fanboys regarding the updates n all.
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Does anyone know what happened to this update? It seems Microsoft have deleted the PAL version from the servers.

The NTSC version remains! I could really do with this for the Xbox (PAL) because certain option-files dont work without it.


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I've the original game, v1.4 patched..
The update download works, but the rosters are incorrect: in each team, many ex players remains, and only a few new are added X(

Tried to reinstall the game to a clean HDD, but still no luck..
Any help?