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Konami, why u cant make a lagfree online mode ?


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why u cant make it while everyone else can do it ?
Since pes 2008 online pes is so horrible why you guys dont care about it ? It really piss me off !!!!!!!!! Whats the problem ????????


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Exactly, I can play for hours online with other games but with PES there are CONSTANTLY problems!!! It's just sheer lazyness how there are so many problems year in, year out. Played two matches online and been disconnected during both. Also, why can't we use Copa Lib teams online? Mega annoying.


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i have given up to play online the last two games. konami is not able to give us a online enjoyment so i don't play it anymore.


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I have had 3 games online and they were all lag free and i'm in ireland

ive just had 6 out of the last 7 games disconnect, was winning most of them as well. its a joke, never had a problem with any other game online including last years pes.


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I spoked to some guys while w eplayed..all of them had way better connections than mine,one was german other were english,they all said they had lag probs....
Seriously now..WHY Konami isnt doing anything? ???? Have they stated anything ? Do they admit that there is serious lag problem that destroyes Online game expirience? Are they trying to fix this problem?

I remember back at PES 5 and Pes 6 I almost never had lag with most of players and back at that time i had 1 mbt and 2 mbt adsl.Now i have 8-10 mbt adsl and it laggs like hell. And all this lag problem started from pes8 till today!
P.S. I got avast ,router and pc firewals off,did portfoward as Konami sugests still tragic lagg which destroyes the game. Im greek and having lagg even when playing with other greeks too.Thats ridiculous.