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LA Noire

For a better quality version check here:


First things first, this is all in game. The characters are apparently the first to be fully rendered with "every subtlety and nuance of an actor's facial expressions and emotions." This will apparently help us when trying to figure out whether you're being lied I'm expecting a dialog heavy video game here.

Rockstar says the game has you trying to solve crimes through a blend of classic action, clue-finding and interrogation, allowing players to analyze every subtle nuance of an actor's performance in order to get to the truth.

I'm intrigued. Firstly we need to know if this is going to be free roam or not, and if not, what is it going to be? A heavy rain-esque title? An interactive story where we pick up with the characters at different chapters/points of the story and have a bit of gameplay? God only knows right now.

I like modern text/dialogue driven games and interactive adventures like Hotel Dusk, Syberia and Another Code so I like the look and sound of this so far.


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Awesome. Was expecting it earlier like late April but thats not too far away. *pre-orders*


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It is happening again
Is the main guy Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men?

I think we need some gameplay footage. Cutscenes are all well and good, but they don't show how the game plays.

Dale C.

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Better not be exactly the same as GTA again. I'd still love it, but i'd like to see Rockstar evolving the formulae man.

IGN article said:
AndrewW91 asks... Could you give us a sense of how open the world is? And what kind of activities we can take part in while not on a mission (if any)?

Jeronimo Barrera: The world is completely open for you to travel through at all times, but the focus of the game is not the same as a Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption. This time, the city is a backdrop for the incredibly accurate real-world locations and crime scenes that Cole Phelps explores on his way to solving each case. The game has been crafted to seamlessly blend classic cops-and-robbers style action with dynamic interrogations and searching for suspects in a way that one doesn't distract from the other.

There are ambient events within the game world that you will hear more about in the weeks ahead, like unassigned cases or robberies in progress that you can take on outside of the main story, but the focus is on Cole's progression through the ranks of the LAPD and the events that unfold as a result.

It's a very intense game because we ask you to listen very carefully to what has been said and to remember names, places and clues, as well as decide whether you can believe what someone is saying. It's going to be a very new experience for our audience but one we think they are very ready for.

I'm really excited about this game still. It's open world, but they're trying to veer it away from the GTA and Red Dead feel, and focus more on the mystery, plot and rising up the ranks.

Apparently you can arrest the wrong suspects and there are multiple ways to solve cases, and different methods will help/hinder your progression up the ranks of the LAPD, so their will be replayability as well.
Yeah, but there's always the problem with "right side of the law" games in the fact you can't do everything you want to do, so i doubt we'll be able to indiscriminately cave in skulls or hijack cars among things.

Edit - Just had a thought, maybe you can stop a pedestrian, show them your badge and take their vehicle for police business, we need to know these things lol.


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I remember you could do that in one of the old true crime games. You could also search people and the boots of their cars and shit. Pretty funny when you see and old lady with a m16 in the boot lol.

Sounds really good though, as it sounds like the sort of game you've really got to get into to play.
I've read that the world will be more akin to Mafia 2 than GTA/RDR, so a really nice backdrop with not much to do other than drive round and do the story, but it won't be anywhere as linear as Mafia 2. As long as the game is great I doubt i'd care as I loved Mafia 2 nonetheless.

A few facts I've just picked up:

1) There are at least main 22 cases in the game.
2) Cases have multiple outcomes. Some have up to 9 different endings depending on the actions you take/mistakes you make.
3) You can fail cases and sometimes failing a case may open up new cases that are otherwise inaccessible
4) Ammo is unlimited, though I don't know if this means you will never run out of it or if there is an unlimited supply available to you at the LAPD.
5) You can choose to ignore the driving mechanics of the game and have your partner drive you everywhere instead.
6) All cases are based on real crimes from the period, with some unsolved mysteries having endings written for them in the game.
7) There will be multiple endings to the main game.
8) Rockstar Games are only publishing this game and have no hand in developing it, so it isn't guaranteed to match up to the usual heights of say RDR and GTA so maybe don't hype this up too much lol.

Sounds good to me.