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LA Noire

Lörd TH

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Haha that was brilliant!

Haven't touched this game for a while though, replay value has gone down to zero.


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One of these days picking up a hairbrush, a bottle of beer or a wooden spoon is going to be vital to a case.

Though I completely fucked up the last one (with Greg Grunburg)..... got 1*

Both of these. :no:

Just completed homicide. I'm really annoyed with the Quarter Moon Murders as I went to the church for the first clue! Stupid wild goose chase. That's mission's pretty much a nailed on 5* as long as you don't go crazy crashing into stuff but I just make Rusty drive around to avoid injuries and damage. Had to laugh at that freak that Rusty beat up at the railyard for kissing a dead woman.

Interviews - oh my am I hopeless here. I go in with the impression that an old lady tenant has nothing to hide so will tell me the truth willingly. WHY IS SHE COVERING UP THE STORY?

Managed to find my first gold film reel, by accident :/


I've just finished the story. Can't be arsed to go back and play it, to be honest, so I'll probably be trading it in, too.


It is happening again
How come whenever you're trailing someone, and they pass through a traffic light, it goes straight to red whrn you reach it? I swear it's every damn light!

Just found out an interesting (or uninteresting.... depending on how you look at it) tidbit: The bloke who voices the boxer, Albert Hammond, also voiced the character Mark Hammond in the ps2 game The Getaway. The studio founder of Team Bondi, also worked on that game. A nice little reference there.