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[LEAGUE] Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2014/15


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Sorry folks but with the driving lessons and work, I'm not having time to finish the stats. I hope that in weekend, all the 10 teams are fully done or, at least, the starting 11 ones.
Oh, and [MENTION=98152]Lateralus_01[/MENTION]... great work! I'm really appreciated ;-)


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Managerial changes:
Frans Thijssen replace Mike Mulvey as Brisbane Roar's head coach

Brisbane Roar-Frans Thijssen-Netherlands

For those who downloaded the old managers pack, plz replace it

jf (zezinho10

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That's the plan. But not in the next weeks ;)

There's no way to disable the Super Cup, right?
Sorry, but i don't have the game at the moment... PS3 version only comes on tuesday :unsure:

we cant disable supercup :erm:
we just have 2 options or creat a fake logo or use the same of cup to supercup :laugh:


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All teams have their stats done, with 3 exceptions

- Lachan Jackson (Brisbane Roar);
- Zachary Caincross (Central Coast Mariners);
- Martin Lo (Western Sydney Wanderers).

As soon as I get the game, I'll start with faces and accessories