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legend question


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im really having trouble shooting im a striker

when i get 1 on 1 i seem to tame shot it straight at the goalkeeper
or when i go to shoot i will aim 1 way and it will go the other .
also if i put power on it the ball flys over the bar

any help would be appreciated


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Mind telling me how many points do you have in (Shooting Accuracy) attribute? and (Kicking Power) as well?


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overall 56
attack 76
shot acc 76
responsiveness 79
explosive power 79
dribble speed 90
kicking power 72

im a cf

special abilities goal poacher super sub and flip flap skills


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I see your kicking power and shot accuracy (Which are pretty much all that matters when it comes to shooting) are quite enough..... So i suggest When you're on 1 on 1 situation with the keeper... and defenders are quite far, you may just press "Shoot + pass" to fake shot and easily score a goal.... or get close to the keeper then suddenly take a turn away from him and shoot.....

But when defenders are close and you're 1 on 1 with the keeper in any of these situations:
1- straight forward facing the keeper: Check out which side of the goal has more space, slightly press the "Shoot" button and pick that side of the goal

2- if you're facing the keeper from one of the sides and u see u have a space to take a shot, just slightly press the shoot button or try to pass to one of your team mates.

And, about shooting from distance and your shot totally goes the other way u better just make sure you got no defenders on your way to make it straight towards the goal... and just press the shoot button slightly as well... And just to make it easier, don't try to get any power on ur shot using this power gauge, or your ball will just go towards the crowd. Only consider the power gauge when you have a free kick, or if u wanna take a shot from about 45m far from the net and scream "Hell yea! I'm CR7!" :D

Plus, i'd consider saving your player data, adding him to any of them fake PES league teams ... and train using him.... Knowing what your player is capable of and how you can make best use of that should be your way to have fun in that BAL mode.

Try it out, tell me if i was of any help. Best of luck bro!


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thanks i will try this advice and let you know . there was one other thing i forgot about and thats when i go to shoot i sometimes slide then shoot . its weird i would be running with the ball and just as i go to shoot he slides and the shot goes pathetic any ideas


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Sliding before shooting is one of the lame things in this game. It seems to happen when 2 or more defenders surround you... Your player starts to lose balance and just shot while sliding.... So I say u better avoid shooting when you're most likely caught by 2 or more defenders until you get a decent body balance :) .

And if you're talking about that slide the player does when u try to shot from the first touch (when your player slide weirdly and shot the ball waaay off target, EVEN when standing all alone ) That is just a glitch and nothing you can do about it =/