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Lets hope komani arent this up tight


they should be happy that people bought the game 'legally' ..... for starters....
ungrateful bastards..with all the money that they are making from it...


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i think the problem is that they are infringing with the actual characters etc. each characters likeness in their game is a trademark, so by changing a characters likeness i spose they're trying to say its illegal???? i still think thats bolloxs tho, i dont see the harm its doing.

i dont think konami could do anything about us patching pro evo even if they wanted to tho, but i think the clubs whose kits your putting into the game probably could, tho thats higly unlikely theyd bother


for all we know a member of Konami-Europe could be sat at home reading all this now...
he could be a member to these forums ;)


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I can't see how patching an original game can infringe copyright law. As long as you own the original - then you should be allowed to do what the hell you like with it! As far as I knew, this rule applied to both original licensed movies (such as DVDs and VHS) and original licensed video games (DVDs, CDs etc).

your not though, its illegal to copy a music disc or dvd disc even if you own the origenal.


hacking?, i hack all the time when player 1 and never get punished, but as soon as i swap to be player 2 i get cards, whats that all about? lol