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lincences for pes 2008


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PES 2008 Promises More Licensed Teams Than Ever

Thanks to Gregory Wintgens (Planet-Xbox) , we have some information regarding the officially licensed teams that will feature in PES 2008.

PRESS RELEASE: PES 2008 Signs up new talent

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released further details regarding the eagerly-awaited PES 2008, due for release later in the year for PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360, PC-DVD, PlayStation®2, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) and Nintendo DS.

Following the announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo as the European face of the new game, Konami has also extended the number of officially licensed national and club teams in the game. PES 2008 will boast more licenses than ever before, with Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Scotland and Ireland amongst the new officially licensed National teams on offer. Similarly, the roster of licensed club teams has also been bolstered, with Newcastle, Tottenham, RSC Anderlecht, HJK Helsinki, IFK Goteborg, Panathinaicos, Spartak Moscow, Fenerbache, NK Dinamo Zagreb and FC Basel amongst those added to the ranks.

The new licensed club sides join the likes of Juventus Turin, AC Milan, Celtic, Porto and more, and demonstrate Konami’s commitment to adding the world’s greatest teams to what is regarded as the most realistic football game for any system. The new teams also combine to ensure PES 2008 has over 3000 licensed players realistically replicated within the game, and over 250 teams.

PES 2008 will mark a quantum leap forward for the Pro Evolution Soccer series. An all-new AI system entitled Teamvision has been designed to actively monitor the player’s onscreen movements and adapt accordingly. This means players cannot resort to overly-familiar tactics, and forces them to change their movements if they are to pose offensive threats. New set pieces have also been implemented, with players selecting key players to receive free kicks, and tailoring defensive walls to their specific needs. Coupled with a massively enhanced aesthetic upgrade that includes facial animation and shirts creasing, plus an extensive edit mode, and PES 2008 is already shaping up to retain its footballing crown.

“Konami has worked hard to bolster the number of licensed clubs in PES 2008, and the new additions represent a huge step forward for the series,” commented Jon Murphy, Pro Evolution Soccer Team Leader for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “We listen very closely to what people want from the series, and hope these new additions further extend PES 2008’s reputation within both die-hard football fans and newcomers alike.”

PES 2008 will be released for PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PC-DVD and Nintendo DS in October.

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W.E.N.B. Team


Yeh we're only allowed 2 a year because of the FIFA contract or something. sucks but we've lived with it for years now!


BlueScouse said:
When does FIFAs contract end for the Premier League licenses?

2010 I believe, so that's probably the earliest that we can expect anymore premiership teams to be included.


The Boss
I was actually told Konami can have as many as they want theoretically... but they have to buy them from the clubs themselves as opposed to the EPL. Doing this a lot more expensive than licensing the league on a whole, and not always possible if the club has ties with over companies.


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I wish Konami wud just get their finger out and fork out the cash for the licenses or on the other hand EA Sports fvck off cos their gameplay aint up to the standard of Konami's!

Either way, I just want Pes gameplay and editing with all the licenses but obviously that is to much te ask in the year 2007!

pes guy

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man this sucks what does konami do with the money, we struggle to save up and we buy the game every year they get licences for teams i haven't even heard of i.e HJK Helsinki, IFK Goteborg,

little depressed right about now! huh


It is disappointing to see just 2 teams and a bunch of unknowns licensed!

I would just give anything for a year when pes and fifa both have a fully licensed game, its only fair that both should have it, its all fifa has over pes!


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sounds good. Bit alarming when they only mention Juventus and Milan by themselves instead of saying Serie A.


I was thinking the same thing LG. I really hope the full Serie A will be included.

The Dubes, Tottenham is a big club. :rolleyes:


Trapped In Cabinets
]NikE[;1093762 said:
It is disappointing to see just 2 teams and a bunch of unknowns licensed!

I would just give anything for a year when pes and fifa both have a fully licensed game, its only fair that both should have it, its all fifa has over pes!
Thing is though mate, Konami are widely known to have a lot of cash problems, scraping enough together to actually finish the game each year. The acquirement of licenses would have to come the year when FIFA's license runs out, as acquiring them club by club would be both expensive and near impossible.

I was thinking the same thing LG. I really hope the full Serie A will be included.

The Dubes, Tottenham is a big club. :rolleyes:
They're no Leeds and you know it!*

This is good news, the more licenses the more Konami can build on the next one, there won't be a big step until at least 2010 however lots of little steps will keep me happy. Plus, with the edit mode who actually cares?

*Dubes probably won't be about for a while, so I thought I'd give you a carbon copy response.


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Surprise surprise, it's the Man Utd fans whinging, because as we all know, the football world revolves around them. I couldn't care less who is licenced, so long as they put fucking stripes on the edit mode and someone does it for me I' happy enough.


Trapped In Cabinets
exactly what i was thinkin.

who the hell cares about tottenham????

they should pick the teams that finish in the top 4

What a fucking surprise, an Arsenal fan is annoyed with Spurs being in the game?

Either way, Top four? They're clearly thinking ahead with you not licensed and Spurs fully licensed.


Fuck sake...this has been the case for years, so fuck if there's no licensed Premiership teams.

Fair play to Konami for adding a great edit mode where the user can add any team in the world themselves.

If people are that bothered about the licences and real kits, go play FIFA.

I couldnt give a toss about licensing, the editing mode has always been good enough to keep me occupied playing the game for a year until the next version comes out.

I heart PES.