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Is 10/11 going to be Liverpool's season?

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you know i still have the power

I explained to Postie

i dont care where you do it, mess with me and ther will be troulble:D

im not grumpy

just hate LFC


Woo Woo Woo
garcia double so far what you guys think of him?
and please no glory man u boys going ronaldos better i couldnt give a fuck:)


Super Moderator
Ronaldo's better!! Just kidding, well, he is, but not on last night's performance.
Liverpool are going through comfortably, Leverkusen need 5 and it's impossible.

As for Garcia, he's better than Harry Kewell on most days, but Xabi Alonso is pure class and much better than Luis.


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This is looking suprised my boy donovan played so poorly for leverkusen...but i dont care cause it looks like liverpool is going through....

as for garcia, id definately take him over kewell, kewell is certainly done at liverpool soon he can't stay on the field...I'd like to see a midfield of garcia alonso gerrard and hamman, but xavi would have to stay healty.


Woo Woo Woo
i think rafa should buy aimar and vicente


--vicente----gerard------ -garcia

and play 1 up front as he likes to do but i prefer to see 2

L . F . C

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well done the pool. And i like Garcia, got him on my away shirt.
Think i might have to flash his name in scholl to all the doubters:D

Well done to Baros aswell.

Highway Penguin

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I'm a happy man. :)

I think our midfield should be:
**** - Gerrard - Xabi - Luis
Kewell or Riise could play over there.
But I like Riise at left back. :)

Then of course, Moro and Baros upfront.
Or Cisse. Moro and someone.


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yes, at last a liverpool thread well done dan19, class result tonight we batterd them as well and they beat real and roma there good result for raffas boys cant stand kewell anymore let him go plz he's shit a great draw would be lyon that would be a class game. future signings we should buy swp to go on r left but riise has been excelent this season dont take nothin away from him he's played well pellingrino is the worst defender ever how did he make it as a pro and i got told he's class booo fumin ere he's shit.


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Haribo said:
3-0 Liverpool. Next round, coming up. When's the draw anyone?

the draw m8 is on friday at 12 or 1 i think 1 of the 2 anyway who u rekin well get ive predicted lyon that would be a class game.

Gary G

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stoneman said:
Anyway, who would you prefer in the next round? And is the draw for the quarters this Friday or next Friday?

The draw for the Quarter-Final and Semi-Final is next Friday, as Inter/Porto don't complete their tie until next week.


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so pleased liverpool are through. it was a stroll in germany. Gerrard looked good and garcia is starting to hit the back of the net. Hope 2 get PSV in next round, hopefully avoid one of the big italian teams!!!!


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i think any team would be difficult, but i agree PSV would be my choice as leverkusen were one of choices for last round. great game thou and we should have scored more. it was a great counter attacking performance, but not in a way coz we dominated. bring on whoever and lets win it so the toffees can't get in there!


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it would be good 2 win cl but i really think we LFC arent good enough and with 1 available striker, baros. if only Mori and cisse were available.


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the way i look at it anything is poss. if porto can win it last year and greece can win the euro champs then y can't we go all way - albeit if the draw is kind to us. just wish we were in a better position in the league so champs qualification next year didn't rely so much on this. thou we have game in hand and still everton to play which would reduce gap to 2 points if won both