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Longest amount of stoppage time


New Member
Just wondering what the longest amount of stoppage time anyone has had to endure is! I was 2-0 down, managed to get it back to 2-2, it was then announced that there would be 6 minutes of added time! Shortly afterwards I scored a scrambled winner to put me in the promotion places and into the D1 League!


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Yep, 6 mins is (me thinks) the most added time you can have, I've had 6 mins added on before, I was a bit dazzled too.


Sometimes I've seen the board say 2 mins but due to the ball being kept at the end of the pitch with a lot of corners, it's taken well over 15 mins.


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I`ve had 8 minutes when there has been no incidents. Players get injured and 2 minutes pops up, go figure?


Alive in the superunknown
Yeah I've had 8 for sure. Shocked I was. Though I'm pretty sure that it's purely random... It doesn't seem to equate to the number of fouls etc.


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I've had 9 minutes, no joke. I think that if you play short matches (5 minutes lenght) added time is longer.


6 minutes is the longest stoppage time i've had, but as mentioned earlier, it runs for a while if there's a succession of corners/fks. Thing is it's hurt me as much as it's helped me with goals scored/conceded in that time but it just makes it more exciting i think!


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this could have been a glitch, but i was playing and my uncle was watchin and he read the amount of stoppage time and it was 16 min!


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I had 7. Surprising because there were no incidents in the game to deserve so much time added on. Usually only get 1 or 2, with a few 4' and 5's every now and again.