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Looking for sites listing old footy games on any format?


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Hi, in another thread, have been talking about the old International Superstar Soccer Deluxe hidden code that turned the ref into a dog and am now in a retro mood. Anybody able to help?
I need sites that list ( preferably review ) every football game ( onfield, management or otherwise ) ever released on all of the main formats: All Xbox's, Playstations, Nintendos, Segas, Amigas, Atari ST's, C64s, Speccys, PCs, Amstrads and Arcade Boards ect...
I doubt there is such as site as i assume there are just 1000s of footy games released since the early 80s, but i have found 3 so far that are of good use:

1 for C64:
( 6 pages of games)

1 for Commodore Amiga ( 6 pages again )"

1 for ZX Spectrum ( Only 1 page here, but i expect to find a more detailed site sometime ) :

I'd really love a site for the first Playstation if anyone knows of one ?
Thanks for your help, if you can!