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LSSN 2014-2015 Option File


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Best Option File 2014-2015 for PES 6 ever.
But we'll still in hunger for the update of the 1.0 version. Waiting for it!
Thanks before, LSSN! :D

I have edited the formation of the clubs in the edit team menu, but when I play computer vs. computer mode, the edited the formation disheveled and not according to the formation that I have saved previously. what should i do, this problem is not happen in my old OF.

I guess I know your problem.
Just go to second window on General Settings after you choose the home/away jersey by pressing R1 or L1 button. And you'll find "Lineup Auto Select". Just set it to "No" to both "Home" and "Away".

See the screenshot below.

I hope that was the solution for you. :D


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Hey LSSN, I just got Action Replay Max there & I was wondering how I go about transferring the files? I'm assuming I just put the files on a memory stick and put it in the PS2 along with the disc, but then what?

Thanks :)

Jack Ripper

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every day i'm waiting for some update too...
my PC not too powerful for newest PES versions (even 2008 freezes on minimal cfg), so i have to play PES6 (thanks God, it's a great game).
you just helped me with your OF: new players, new kits, new gameplay.

so i'm strongly looking forward to your v.1.0.
just want you to know this)).
thanks a lot, LSSN! you just brought one of the best PES versions to life.

Cheers from Belarus, mate!)


New Member
ur OF is brilliant mate
however there are a few things i think u should fix in ur next 1.0 version
-> the guy LASOGGA in Unregistered players has a wolf-head
-> when i play master league mod i see most of the players start to reduce experience at the age of 24,and when i go to edit player i realise they all have the basic of Early Peak.thats not so good,because for Early Peak they only develop up to the age of 22 at most and they reduce exp (arrow down) at the age of 24. there are some players surprisingly reduce exp at 19 such as Kongala (Milan) Niwak (Villareal) Barrorila (Inter Milan) and some more players just reduce exp at 19,is it not right?
can u plz fix that,if u put all the players at Early Peak basic they wont even last for 2 seasons in ML


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I have made a little update to this OF, with some of the winter transfers.


Enjoy it. :)